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Waste bins & bags

Almost too nice to use for waste

The new DAMMÄNG bins are here to give your waste a special send-off. The stackable bins help you save space and the design allow your waste sorting station to blend in with your home décor.

A grey-beige and two dark grey DAMMÄNG bins are stacked on top of a large grey-green DAMMÄNG bin in a dark green space.
The ribbed side, rounded corner, lid and folding handle of the grey-green DAMMÄNG 48 l bin with lid in a green space.

Snack wrappers, to-do lists, junk mail, lots of things can go into waste bag. Check out our selection waste bins & bags of different sizes and styles to fit your rubbish and recycling needs. We have storage bags to help you sort receipts you’ll deal with. Buy waste bag online and waste bin too.