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Flower pots & planters

Fertile soil for your favourites

Start with the new AMBRARÖNN plant pot, and good things are likely to follow. The design merges rural Swedish tradition with a modern twist providing a great frame for any plant, from seed to blossom. Or simply a decoration as it is.

Several AMBRARÖNN plant pots, some holding leafy plants, placed on and next to three cylindric, pink pedestals.
Parts of an AMBRARÖNN plant pot holding a leafy plant with decoratively bicoloured leaves.

Take a seat, plants!

Give your plants a spot in the sun. And everyone near them a green boost in the process. Since window space is a limited resource, adding a surface – like a bench or a side table – close to the sill enables you to spread the joy.

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Leaf cuttings in CYLINDER glass vases on a windowsill and green plants in KLYNNON and FRIDFULL plant pots on a bench below.
Two leafy plants, one in a KLYNNON bamboo plant pot and the other in a handwoven FRIDFULL plant pot, on a blue bench.
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