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Climate and environment

As a global brand meeting many millions of customers around the world every day, we have a big climate footprint, and therefore a big responsibility to reduce it, from how we source raw materials and run our operations, through to the products and services we offer our customers.

A young child with blonde hair runs a grass seed head across the surface of a solar panel while outside in the evening sun.

Climate action

If we are to make the planet a safer and healthier place for generations to come, the world needs effective, organised and innovative action.

The evening sun reflects off the red cab of a semi-trailer as it drives down the motorway behind another truck.

Drastically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is key to becoming climate positive by 2030.

The sun setting behind a building on a street full of pedestrians. In the foreground leaves of a bush are lit up by the sun.

IKEA sustainability ambitions for 2030

The IKEA Sustainability Strategy – People & Planet Positive – sets out our goals for transforming the IKEA business across our value chain, and life at home for people all across the world.

Read the IKEA Sustainability Strategy