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Online planning

Give shape and substance to your dreams with IKEA Planning Tools. Plan your dream kitchen, your perfect office or your wardrobe storage system
before making any financial commitments. You can play with colours, styles, sizes and configurations to plan your way to perfection with our easy to use planning tools.


IKEA Kitchen planner

Create a 3D room and adjust it to the size of your kitchen. Choose your favourite furniture and place it. 

Bathroom Planner

Combine storage and wash-basin that best suit the space of your bathroom.

Modular Sofa


This modern seating series allows you to sit low and soft with a deep seating area and loose back cushions for extra support. Cover is available separately.


You can combine the modules as it fits in your room. Have some extra storage in the foot stool or under the chaise longue or even add a bed sofa. Cover is available separately.


The pocket springs with foam that adapts to the body. Cover is available separetaly.


Module sofa with simple line.  Strage under the seats is useful to store sofa covers.


A traditional series where foot stool and chaise have storage under the seating to store. Adjust cushions to keep yourself comfortable. Cover is available separately.

Storage solution


Our a multi-purpose living room storage solution. You can easily personalise it for a clean and modern entertainment centre, displaying your favourite things or all-in-one functionality.


Make your dream wardrobe come true with out PAX wardrobe system. Sliding or hinged doors, drawers or shelves - it's all up to you!


Storage system that is extendable vertically and horizontally by connecting frames. Under a sloping ceiling or along an entire wall. You can add doors or storage accessories.

SMÅSTAD storage system

You can replace a module so that it can be used from baby to teenagers.


an affordable, flexible and sturdy open storage system that will make your home more organized.


Open storage mounted on the wall. You can adjust height, shelf and accessories. Good for pantry or laundry use.


Open storage for clothes and other items that can be fixed on the wall or to the ceiling. It can be used as a room divider, too.


Sturdiest and most practical among all IKEA storage system. Good for warehouse or garage use.

IVAR storage system

Choose from different height and depth of parts (shelf, drawer, cabinet, etc.) to create your own storage solution.

KALLAX open rack

KALLAX is a stylish, simple storage shelving. There are various inserts such as drawers, doors and boxes, so find your best combination on the planner.

EKET cabinet

With the EKET series you can build your storage big, small, colourful or discreet to either display or hide your things. 



Office planner

Create your own office by placing desk, chair and storage with 3D image.With our office planner you can design a workplace that suits your needs.

Build your own desk

Create your own desk by choosing desktop, legs, storage and add-on unit.


Dining chair




Comfort Guide

It suggests a mattress, pillow and quilt based on your sleeping posture and style.




Delivery & Collect

We offer delivery services depending on products purchased.

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We will assemble IKEA furniture at your home.

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Installment Payment

A great way to finance large purchases.

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