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Buyback service

A second life for furniture. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

Bring your unnecessary IKEA furniture to an IKEA store, and we'll buy it back for a price based on its condition.

*You will receive the buyback price in in the form of a voucher that can be used in IKEA stores or online.

At Circular market in each store, we resell bought back funiture.  See our sustinable actions

Service available stores

IKEA Sendai, IKEA Shinmisato, IKEA Tachikawa, IKEA Tokyo-bay, IKEA Kohoku, IKEA Nagakute, IKEA Tsuruhama, IKEA Kobe, IKEA Fukuokashingu

IKEA Family members earn up to 10% more

IKEA Family and IKEA Business Network members will receive an extra 10% on the estimation value. Please login when you get estimation, and show your IKEA Family or IKEA Business Network member number when you bring the furniture to the store.

If you send the furniture to store, please provide your IKEA Family number on the application form of pick up option.
Let's join IKEA Family before getting the buyback estimation.

  • 買取り対象品目対象となる家具については、お申込みツールよりご確認ください。

    • Office furniture (Desk, chair, storages)
    • Kitchen trolley
    • Stool
    • Bar stool
    • Chair
    • Table
    • High table
    • Sofa table
    • Display cabinet
    • Open shelving unit
    • Wall shelf
    • System cabinet
    • TV bench
    • Bedside table
    • Solitaire wardrobe
    • Armchair
    • Bookcase

    Please refer the estimation tool for details.

Second hand furniture IKEA doesn’t buy back

The following items are not eligible for buy back service

  • Non-IKEA furniture, furniture without IKEA Logo
  • Furniture that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
  • Bedframe, Mattresses, bed textiles (such as blankets and mattress toppers)
  • Sofa, Sofa bed
  • Furniture size of 3 dimensions more than 3 .8m
  • Home furnishing accessories including lighting and textiles
  • Furniture for baby such as Beds and Cots
  • Furniture containing glassDeflection, distortion, cracking, lack of parts
  • Problem with the function in the use of the furniture
  • Significant dirt, smell, and break such as mold, stains, rust
  • Not assembled correctly or has been remodeled
  • Dismantled (If you need to dismantle to bring it, please reassembling it at the store by yourself.)

How to apply

Please apply using the assessment tool below.   

  • The estimation number issued is valid for 30 days.
  • Based on the use and damage of each piece of furniture, please select one of the three levels of condition (As new, Good, Used). For examples of condition, please click here.

How to bring your IKEA furniture to store

 <Bring it by your self>

In accordance with the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, please bring one of the following forms of identification (within the validity period) with you when you visit the shop.

  • Japanese driver's licence
  • Passport or residence card
  • Other official identification with a photograph.
  1. Within 30 days of the estimation number being issued, please bring the number and the furniture with assembled condition to the returns counter of the IKEA store. IKEA Family and IKEA Business Network members need to bring their membership number.
  2. After our staff have checked the condition of the furniture, we will pay you back the value by vaucher at the confirmed price we will give you.

<If you send your furniture to the store by delivery (pick up option)>

  1. Please apply for "pick up option" using the application link on the screen after completing the estimation, or in the email you got after the estimation.There is a delivery fee for pick up option, from ¥4,550. The fee depends on the quantity of goods. (Pick-up areas are only available within the main area of each store.)
  2. After your application for pick up option, you will receive an email with information on delivery fees within a week. If you wish to have the pick up option, please pay the delivery fee by credit card via the link and inform us of your preferred pick-up date.
  3. After your furniture arrives at the store and our staff checks the condition of the furniture, we will email you a confirmed valuation price.
  4. A digital return card will be sent to the email address you provided when you applied. *1

*1 In accordance with the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, we only send the digital return card to the email address you provided at the time of application. Also, please note that if the return amount exceeds 10,000 yen, the actual return card charged with the return amount will be mailed by limited mail.

If you wish to receive the actual return card at the store, please contact customer support center in advance and bring one of the following identification cards (within the expiration date) to the store.

  • Japanese driver's licence
  • Passport or residence card
  • Other official identification with a photograph

If you use the pick up option, please accept the valuation price by email within 10 days, including the date of receipt of the email with the definitive valuation price sent to you. Any cancellations must also be made within this period. After this period, a storage fee will be charged. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

Important notes

  • The estimation price is not the defined valuation. We will determine the final valuation price after we actually check the furniture at the IKEA store, but we may refuse to accept the furniture if it is in good condition or if the product is not eligible for buyback service.
  • IKEA furniture has engraved, printed or sticker with the IKEA logo. We will check it on buyback process, so please do not shave or scrape it.
  • If the furniture that are not eligible for buyback service, you need to take the furniture back to your home.
  • Only after you are satisfied with the final valuation price, the buyback process is concluded. Once the buyback process has been concluded, it cannot be cancelled at the customer's convenience.
  • The estimation price is valid for 30 days.
  • When using pick-up option, the furniture must be delivered in its assembled state. We cannot accept items that needs dismantling to be delivered.
  • The delivery fee will vary depending on the weight and number of items. As a rough guide, a small piece of furniture costs from ¥4,550, while heavy items such as bookcases and chests of drawers cost from ¥5,350 per item. For multiple items, the total amount of goods will be calculated based on our standards.
  • Items that cannot be carried by the normal delivery route cannot be picked up. Please check the shape and dimensions of lifts, entrances, stairs, etc. thoroughly before applying. If the on-site collection staff deem it difficult to ensure safety on the day of collection, we will not be able to accept the pick-up delivery. In such cases, the delivery fee will not be refunded.
  • If a charter service needs to be arranged due to the volume of goods, it will take more time than usual to estimate by the delivery company.

Terms and conditions of the furniture purchase service.

Example of the sticker

After we buy back?

IKEA stores sell products which have been bought from customers, or products that are no longer displayed or sold, at Circular market after inspecting them to ensure that they are safe for use. This way IKEA and our customers can reduces waste.

When you visit a store, please stop by Circular market near the checkout on the first floor.
*It is located on the 2nd floor at IKEA Shibuya.

We sell displayed or bought furniture from customers and they are available at a discount price. Stock changes daily.
We show recommendations for furniture repair and maintenance. The monitor also provides an easy-to-understand introduction to IKEA's circular business aims.
We try to reduce waste by repairing packaging that has been damaged during transport. We also repaire and maintain furniture.