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Smart home

The heart of a smart home

With DIRIGERA, our hub for smart products, you can easily connect and control everything from lamps and blinds to speakers and air purifiers directly from an app on your phone. It’s smart and smooth, but the real magic happens when you combine different products to a preset Scene. Then you can create your own routines that frame that perfect dinner party, help you unwind in the evening or wake you up with a pleasant light and soft music.

An introduction to a smart home

Understanding all sides of life at home is the reason why IKEA keeps improving the range and offering smart products like speakers, air purifiers, LED bulbs, control outlets, motion sensors, blinds and remote controls.

By adding DIRIGERA hub to your smart home, you get even more functions and digital features from your smart products, and you are in full control via the IKEA Home smart app. 

Transform your home in an instant with smart lighting

Smart speakers with great sound and looks that blend in

Want a speaker that blends in with your décor or your art collection while giving you really good sound quality? And where you can even get a new front panel if you feel like a visual change? SYMFONISK picture frames with WiFi speaker work with IKEA Home smart, too.

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A black SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is attached to the wall in a corner of a room above some storage.
A white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is mounted on a wall with framed pictures and near a picture on an easel.
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Cleaner air with a smart air purifier

Want better air quality at home? STARKVIND air purifiers help filter dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. And if you have the IKEA Home smart system, you can control them the super easy way with your smartphone.

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In a bedroom, a white STARKVIND air purifier stands on the floor at the side of a white NESTTUN bed.
A woman’s hand adjusts a control knob on a dark brown STARKVIND table with air purifier which is standing next to a sofa.
A small dog resting on a LANDSKRONA sofa looks to its right. A STARKVIND table with air purifier is beside the sofa.
A woman’s hand removes a particle filter from the front of a white STARKVIND air purifier which is standing on the floor.
A dog with its chin on the armrest of a LANDSKRONA sofa looks at a STARKVIND table with air purifier.
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*We collect used rechargeble IKEA batteries.  See a staff at the battery shop floor.