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A quality meal starts with a quality oven

Our complete range of ovens offers smart functions and integrated accessories to help get the most out of anything from a simple snack to a family feast.

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A hand wearing an oven glove placing a VARDAGEN cast iron frying pan containing fish, lime, and herbs into an oven.
A white kitchen with white base cabinets and white wall cabinets, yellow tiles, an oven, and a wooden kitchen island.
    See all ovens & combi-ovens

    MATÄLSKARE appliances – modern, in every sense of the word

    The MATÄLSKARE appliances not only create a contemporary feel and uniformed look in your kitchen, they are also equipped with all the functions the modern home chef could ask for.

    Microwave combi ovens – the best of both worlds

    Our combination microwave ovens can help you heat up food in no time, or slow cook it until it’s tender, while at the same time freeing up precious kitchen space.

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