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Find the Best Student Desk for Your Needs

Whether it is for learning to write the first word, drawing the next masterpiece, or imagining the future dreams, diverse range of IKEA desk sets will provide maximum comfort and versatility for your child. If the desk needs to grow with your child or continue to evolve as the needs change, IKEA democratic design incorporates function into the desks to support all different needs. 

Our Popular Study Desks

Explore the popular children’s desk series that will cater to students from elementary to high school.

BERGLÄRKA series - new

tilting desk 

Your child can sit comfortably for many years at this desk. The height can be adjusted, the work surface can be tilted – and there’s plenty of room for everything with a shelf and pegboard at arm's length.

You can change the desk angle to 10, 20 or 30 degrees to keep a comfortable position while reading or writing.

Your child can sit ergonomically correct and comfortably at this desk since the height can be adjusted between 52 and 75 cm – you just turn the handle under the table top.

MICKE Series

Compact size with a depth of 50cm with four sizes.​ Simple modern desk will seamlessly fit your space.​

Can be combined to suit your needs

Combine shelves and drawer units to expand storage spaces. You can change the combination as you grow.

Wiring opening and concealed shelves

There is a hole in the top plate for the cord to pass from below, and there is a shelf that can hold a power strip under the desk.

Put everything you need for your child's school life in one place

Never run out of storage spaces! You can store large items such as stationery in the drawer and a tool box or paint set in the storage shelf. Storage shelves can be installed regardless of the left or right according to the dominant hand or storage location.

Recommended storage items for MICKE series

SMÅSTAD storage system works to organise books,bags and other small items for school. You can puck handles, legs, and front colour as you like.

SMÅSTAD Desk & loft bed combination

Your child’s very own space for sleeping, drawing, storing, doing homework and playing with friends. This loft bed combination is like a mini room within a room on only 2 square metres of space.

Compact desk

Living space can be a place to study by having a compact desk. Not only children but also everyone can study anytime!

Desk chairs

On our sturdy desk chair your child sits comfortably – whether homework needs to be done or adding touches to arts and crafts.

Desk Accessaries

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