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Office design ideas

Having an office in your home can be great for boosting productivity, giving you a place to concentrate away from workplace distractions. Whether you want a calm space to focus on creative projects or need a new desk for the kids, we've got office design ideas to keep you and your family feeling focused and comfortable.

A home office with dark colours and plants.

A professional space that blends seamlessly with your home

Here's how to combine style, comfort and smart storage solutions into the perfect workspace.

a home office that's ergonomically designed includes an adjustable chair

The importance of ergonomic office furniture

Make working from home easier on your body with new habits that can reduce strain and fatigue.

A desk set up for both adults and children to work at.

A creative space for bosses, both big and small

Create a space that works for the whole family and their individual needs.

A garage converted into an office.

Home visit: a garage turned creative workspace

Prop stylist and illustrator Chloé has created a creative workspace using an often-overlooked space.


Office design essentials

When it comes to designing your office, choose furniture, storage, fabrics and colours that reflect your unique style and current decor. Remember that as well as looking good, it’ll need to be organised, functional and free from distractions. Most importantly, enjoy it! There’s something special about being in our own space, surrounded by the things we know will motivate us.