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5 ways to block out noise for the perfect night’s sleep

If you’re all too familiar with the frustration of missing out on sleep because of noises in your bedroom, find out how to shut them out. Whether you’re being kept awake by loud neighbours or woken up by bumps in the night, noise can severely interfere with your sleep. Luckily, there are ways to limit how sounds impact you at night. Here, we run through the options.

A woman asleep in a bed with curtains in the background.
A woman asleep in a bed with curtains in the background.
When it comes to noise reduction in your bedroom, soft furnishings like rugs, curtains, cushions and upholstered furniture can be acoustic insulators.

Nicola Ritchie, Textiles Business Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland

Turn on, tune out
Drowning out unwanted sounds is one approach many people find useful. White noise machines are small devices that emit a constant background noise – usually you’re able to choose from options like the sound of a fan, or gentle rain. You can also adjust the volume to suit your requirements, and cancel out anything from your partner's snoring to the neighbour’s dog barking.

Plug in
Using earplugs is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to block out disturbing sounds. Even if you don’t start the night wearing earplugs, keep a pair by your bed so you can slip them into your ears if noise arises.

Muffle unwanted noise
Furnish your bedroom with plenty of textiles to provide soundproofing, and consider replacing wooden floors with carpets. Kitting your bedroom out with soft furnishings like rugs, fabric-covered armchairs and padded ottomans is a great way to help absorb noise.

Go window-shopping
If you don’t have double-glazed windows, choose curtains in a heavy fabric to help block out sounds from the outside world. You can introduce another layer of soundproofing by doubling up on your window coverings, with blinds and curtains working together to help keep noise out.

Cover your walls

Thin walls are a common problem, but one that can be easily solved without ruining the décor. Muffle the noise travelling into your bedroom by hanging up a rug or throw on your wall. This adds a decorative touch to your room while creating an extra sound-proof barrier between you and unwelcome noise.

For more sleep inspiration and tips on how to improve your bedroom environment, visit our dedicated sleep hub.

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