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ÖVNING Multifunctional ergonomic footrest

ÖVNING Multifunctional ergonomic footrest

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Multifunctional footrest that helps you sit in a good working position at the desk. Your feet enjoy stable support, which reduces pressure on thighs and contributes to better blood circulation.

Article number005.520.20

Product details

The footrest raises the child's feet so that they have an upright, relaxed posture when studying, which develops a good habit of sitting correctly.

The curved surface encourages the child to rock with their feet in a completely natural way.

Perfect to use in order to vary the working position by the desk or on the floor.

Teenagers and adults can also use the footrest to support their lumbar region, knees or ankles.

Working for extended periods in uncomfortable positions can lead to fatigue, discomfort and pain. An ergonomically adapted environment contributes to better health, creativity, concentration and learning.

The cover can be removed and machine washed.

The anti-slip surface of the textile cover keeps the footrest firmly in place.

Lightweight and simple to move around.

The ÖVNING collection comprises of smart and flexible tools that simplify learning in a fun way and help the child get started, keep their energy up and easily change workspaces.

IKEA supports children's right to education and an active life filled with play. By learning from children and experts, we know that a mix of study, play and movement is ideal for good school results.


Jonas Hultqvist


Length: 38 cm

Width: 32 cm

Height: 18 cm

Get the homework started

Sometimes it can be hard to find a quiet nook and get started with the homework. With the ÖVNING series, we wanted to develop smart tools so your child can more easily find peace and quiet. In the room as well as in body and mind.

“When we do home visits and interview children around the world, we see that not all have the same need when they do their homework. Some work best at a desk, while others rather move around or spread out on the floor,” tells Anna Carme, who works with the range in Children’s IKEA. “That’s why quite some flexibility is needed around the homework, and that insight helped us develop ÖVNING.”

Room for lively legs

Still, most children have one thing in common – they can’t sit still for long. “Children’s bodies are full of kinetic energy that needs to be released. Science also shows that the learning benefits from physical activity. No matter if it’s wild play before the homework or moving the body while you study,” says Anna and explains how it inspired to create the footrest in the series. “You can rock it back and forth with the feet and use it as support to sit more ergonomically.”

Have fun and find focus

To have your own place of study is important but it doesn’t have to be at a desk. With the desk divider and the desk accessories organiser in the ÖVNING series, it becomes easier to create an own private space that you can take with you to the dining table or the sofa – and personalise with pictures and fun things. “To have fun and move around regularly is often confused with distraction and lack of concentration. We think it’s the opposite. When the study time is flexible and feels fun, it helps the child to focus. It simply works as a reward and a positive spiral.”

Function solution

Working for long periods in uncomfortable positions can lead to tension and pain. With ÖVNING footrest behind the lumbar region, you enjoy nice support that helps you keep your back straight and relieves your back, shoulders and neck.