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Inspirational ideas for your bedroom

A BRIMNES bed in a lilac room covered in lilac NATTSVÄRMARE bed linen. A green GLANSHAGTORN curtain covers clothing storage.

Your dining room, your style

The furniture you choose for your home reflects who you are. With plenty of new designs and storage solutions to choose from, you can make sure that what you want to show is on display and everything else is safely stored.

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Video: A black BLÅLIDEN glass-door cabinet with glassware in it and some panels in different colours moving in the background.
A dining room with two black BLÅLIDEN glass-door cabinets, a MÖRBYLÅNGA table and a SKOGSGRÄNSEN decorative mirror.
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Lights up your room. Even when it’s off.

BLÅSVERK table lamp really owns the room. It’s bold. Bright. And brims with personality.

Video: A BLÅSVERK table lamp shown in three different colours in a studio space moves to a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp within a home.
A yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp pictured from above to show the round shape of the lamp shade and the electric cord.
Two FAGNING portable table hooks in cork and metal attached to a table. One has some small flowers on top.

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