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Finally, something vegetarians, flexitarians and meat-eaters can agree on

Introducing our new SLAGVERK breaded wheat-based pieces. This bite-size deliciousness is a vegetarian alternative to chicken, with a crispy breaded exterior and tender and juicy interior. Perfect for quick meals, snacking, or as a protein addition to salads and sandwiches.

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The packaging for SLAGVERK breaded wheat-based pieces against a green background.
A fried-golden stack of SLAGVERK breaded wheat-based pieces, and a sprig of parsley, arranged on a green surface.
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An impressive centrepiece (that’s impressively easy to make)

The VINTERSAGA gingerbread house makes the perfect centrepiece for your holiday table. Just join the pieces together with icing and decorate. Beware though, being deliciously edible, parts of the house are known to go missing.

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VINTERSAGA gingerbread house and mini gingerbread houses set on artificial snow decorate a grey mantelpiece.
Artificial snow falls onto the roof of VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread house.
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Who said vegan meals need to be complicated?

Quick, tasty, and simple to cook, HUVUDROLL plant balls help you create delicious vegan dishes with minimum effort.

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A hand reaching for a tomato on a kitchen countertop with a glass container of HUVUDROLL plant balls and other ingredients.
A vegan tomato and squash stew topped with a few HUVUDROLL plant balls and plant-based yoghurt on an OMBONAD plate.
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