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Kitchen lighting

A better look when you’re cooking

Perched above cabinets, as well as hidden inside and under them, our integrated kitchen lighting adds atmosphere, functionality and style to your kitchen. (LED options add energy savings, too.) They’re a brilliant way to complete the look of your kitchen and get a better look at what you’re making for dinner.

ANSLUTA electronic transformer, white Length: 28.5 cm Width: 5.5 cm Depth: 1.6 cm
electronic transformer
¥ 4,000
Length: 28.5 cm, Width: 5.5 cm, Depth: 1.6 cm
FORMAT LED cabinet lighting, nickel-plated Luminous flux: 100 lm Length: 34.8 cm Width: 7.3 cm
LED cabinet lighting
¥ 2,499
Luminous flux: 100 lm, Length: 34.8 cm, Width: 7.3 cm
LINDSHULT LED cabinet lighting, nickel-plated Luminous flux: 80 lm Length: 34.5 cm Width: 7.4 cm
LED cabinet lighting
¥ 2,999
Luminous flux: 80 lm, Length: 34.5 cm, Width: 7.4 cm
NON LED worktop lighting, black Max.: 15.5 W Length: 60 cm Width: 5 cm
LED worktop lighting
¥ 3,999
Max.: 15.5 W, Length: 60 cm, Width: 5 cm
OMLOPP LED spotlight, aluminium-colour Luminous flux: 65 lm Diameter: 6.8 cm Height: 1 cm
LED spotlight
¥ 1,499
Luminous flux: 65 lm, Diameter: 6.8 cm, Height: 1 cm More options
OMLOPP LED spotlight, white Luminous flux: 25 lm Length: 20 cm Width: 2.6 cm
LED spotlight
¥ 1,999
Luminous flux: 25 lm, Length: 20 cm, Width: 2.6 cm
OMLOPP LED worktop lighting, white Luminous flux: 186 lm Length: 40 cm Depth: 2.6 cm
LED worktop lighting
¥ 3,499
Luminous flux: 186 lm, Length: 40 cm, Depth: 2.6 cm More options
URSHULT LED cabinet lighting, nickel-plated Luminous flux: 100 lm Length: 29 cm Width: 7.4 cm
LED cabinet lighting
¥ 2,299
Luminous flux: 100 lm, Length: 29 cm, Width: 7.4 cm More options
  • Kitchen cabinet lighting is a practical saver

    Kitchen cabinet lighting is essential to give your cooking area the extra light for both decorative and safety purposes. Place handy strip lighting underneath cupboards to see clearly when making a meal for family or friends. Lighting up your worktops when chopping or blending, preparing your meals becomes safer and easier. Our RATIONELL worktop light bulb is LED. It consumes up to 85% less energy than regular bulbs, and it’s long-lasting and functional so you can be sure to keep your kitchen well-lit and practical. Be safe, stay green and save money at the same time with our kitchen cabinet lighting solutions, available at your nearest IKEA store.

  • Kitchen cabinet lighting to draw attention to your home’s style

    We’ve got spotlights in our GRUNDTAL kitchen cabinet and worktop lighting range which bring a touch of brightness to smaller areas. Designed to be modern, stylish additions to your kitchen, these are both highly decorative and functional, too. We’ve also got the FORMAT series, which contains cabinet lighting. Be sure to pick up all the corner joiners, power supply cords and connection cords you need from our collection. And since many of our products match pictures and frames from elsewhere in our range, you can create a stylish harmonious look throughout your kitchen – starting with some well-placed integrated lighting.