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Led lights

Let’s make the switch to LED

LED is the biggest thing in light since electric light was invented. It shines for over 20 years, can be built into lamps for new designs, and uses a sliver of the energy of incandescent bulbs. LED lights are the sustainable choice, and the smart, functional choice. In our range, we have both LED bulbs and lamps with LEDs already built in.


  • LED lights for homes at value for money prices

    LED lights have really taken off in the past few years and we now have lamps and bulbs for your whole home. Check out our TIVED series, for example. It has just about every type of lamp in it, from a ceiling spotlight to floor and table lamps. They all have flexible arms, so you can shine the light exactly where you want it. LED bulbs don’t have to be big, so LED lights can be slim and sleek. They’re great for small spaces or if you just like this kind of elegant design. And as they don’t get too warm, LED lights arranged in lighting strips are great for use inside storage so you can see what you’ve stored.

  • The planet likes LED lights and bulbs, too

    Lighting is one of the biggest users of electricity in your home. It takes a big bite out of your budget and it doesn’t do the environment any favours, either. LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy to produce the same light as traditional bulbs. They also last a lot longer. You save electricity and don’t have to buy new bulbs and dispose of the old ones so often. So LED lights and bulbs are good news for your bank balance and the planet. You’ll find more ways that we can help make a better future together on our People and the Environment pages, at the link below.