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Wooden-base spring mattresses

Get the right wooden-base sprung mattress for you

Choosing a wooden-base sprung mattress is all about finding a level of comfort and support that’s right for your body, at a price that matches your budget, so you can sleep soundly every night. That’s why we have several different types of wooden-base sprung mattresses to choose from. Each comes in all standard sizes and you can choose whether you want a mattress that’s soft, medium-fim or firm. You can add a mattress pad on top to fine tune your comfort.

With our wooden-base sprung mattresses, you don’t need an additional bed base. You can just add legs and place it directly on a frame for a good night’s sleep.

SULTAN SKALAND wooden base sprung mattress, dark grey Thickness: 23 cm Mattress length: 200 cm Mattress width: 90 cm
wooden base sprung mattress
¥ 12,990
Thickness: 23 cm, Mattress length: 200 cm, Mattress width: 90 cm More options