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STINKSYSKA Finials, 1 pair, silver-colour

STINKSYSKA Finials, 1 pair, silver-colour

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STINKSYSKA Finials, 1 pair, black
STINKSYSKA Finials, 1 pair, silver-colour

How to get it

Whether your curtains are new or old, you can easily enhance the style by adding new finials on the curtain rod. Like these classic-styled ones with a shape that looks like silver-coloured trophies.

Article number905.493.68

Product details

You can easily change the expression of the curtain rod by changing to different finials from our range. The finials are sold separately.


Jennifer Idrizi

  • In order to prevent the finials from falling off and causing damage, they should be properly fixed to a curtain rod whose brackets must be securely anchored to the wall.

    Fits RÄCKA and HUGAD curtain rod.

  • Material
    Aluminium, Nickel-plated
    Steel, Galvanized


Diameter: 6 cm

  • STINKSYSKAArticle number905.493.68

    Width: 9 cm

    Height: 6 cm

    Length: 12 cm

    Weight: 0.16 kg

    Package(s): 1