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Storage solutions for less clutter and more style

Beyond helping you keep your home organised, your new bookcase, chest of drawers or cabinet itself is a style addition in the room. Take a closer peek to find the mix of mood, dimensions and clutter control that best matches your needs.

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A living room has a series of white BILLY bookcases along one wall, with books and folders neatly organised on the shelves.
A room with grey-green walls, with a white VIHALS shelving combination holding magazine files, baskets, books and boxes.
A softly sunlit wood-floor bedroom with a white-stain HEMNES eight-drawer chest and a white-stain HEMNES bed.
A wood-floor room with a beige HAUGA glass-door cabinet with painting accessories on top and miscellaneous storage inside.
A record player on top of two side-by-side white EKET wall-mounted shelving units holding multiple vinyl records within.
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Multiple pieces from the same series – for a coordinated home

BILLY series – Taking care of storage challenges worldwide, in order and style
VIHALS series – Functional asymmetry that lets you optimise storage for just about any shape and size
HAUGA living room series – Versatile, traditional-style storage with a price that’s easy to love

Storage made stylish, adaptable and easy

PLATSA system – Flexible, modular storage that makes the most of any space
PAX system – Personal storage where you can choose exactly what you want
MALM series – Simple, easy-to-blend design with great storage capacity
A white HAUGA glass-door cabinet, one sliding door slightly open, with baskets and accessories in and around it.

Secure your furniture from tipping over

Big, tall or heavy pieces of furniture can be a severe safety risk if not properly fastened to a wall. Find out more about what makes them tip over and how you can prevent these accidents.

What’s cosy on the outside and clever on the inside?

One possible answer: more than a few of our sofas. Once we make sure that all the comfort is in place, we look for ways to use any excess space better. Like using the lower part of a chaise longue to double as a hot spot for extra textiles, toys and crafts. Go look for hidden storage, and you shall find it!

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A living room with parquet flooring and large windows, with a centrally placed, grey-beige JÄTTEBO sofa with chaise lounge.
Sunlit through a nearby window is the chaise longue of a grey-beige JÄTTEBO sofa, seating raised to reveal storage within.
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