Artists painting a colourful wall mural on the outside of a building.
23 February 2023

ÖMSESIDIG collection captures the art of celebration in print

A woman in a black dress and big tattoos standing next to a wall with mural paintings.
Artist and muralist Diana Ordóñez in front of her part of an ÖMSESIDIG mural in progress at the IKEA Festival in Milano in June 2022.

Taking a colourful celebration from Colombia to print with IKEA

A SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker with a colourful panel hanging on a wall.
Diana Ordóñez’ print on an ÖMSESIDIG cover for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker is inspired by Colombian culture and the colourful masks of carnival.
A portrait of a woman in a black dress, purple dyed hair and tattoos on her arms.
Diana Ordóñez.

Celebrating family, home, and self

A woman in sun glasses standing in front of a colourful painting on a wall.
Multi-disciplinary artist and muralist Trini Guzmán.
A woman putting up a colourful garland on a wall next to a window.

Encouraging creativity across generations by design

Sketches of a garland and embroidery.
Some of Trini Guzmán's early concepts for ÖMSESIDIG explored the celebration of creativity. Guided by IKEA designer Akanksha Deo, the ideas developed into the ÖMSESIDIG garland, among other products.
Two colourful fronts for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker.
Nature and animals have always been close to heart for Trini Guzmán, which is reflected in her art. Her ÖMSESIDIG covers for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker feature some of her signature design elements: botanical shapes and animal prints.