A person sits on the floor of an open-sided van at nightfall, illuminated by a SAMMANLÄNKAD lamp while reading.
29 March 2023

IKEA and Little Sun bring solar power to everyday

A man in a grey sweater standing on his knees besides a table holding a solar powered lamp.
Philipp Käfer, designer for Little Sun, with the SAMMANLÄNKAD table lamp.

A solar lamp from IKEA and Little Sun with a star attraction

A stainless solar powered lamp with a mirror standing on a desk.
The SAMMANLÄNKAD table lamp is reminiscent of the sun and earth's orbit around it by design.
A person holding a solar powered lamp, showing the solar cell panel on the back of the lamp.
The gyroscope design of the SAMMANLÄNKAD table lamp makes it easy to adjust both solar panel and light direction.
One hand holding a stainless solar powered lamp and a finger is pointing towards the light source.

What it takes to bring the sun home

A man in a black sweater standing in an office environment.
Philip Holm, Product Design Engineer at IKEA.

An exploration of ideas captured in multifunction

Two hands holding a white solar powered lamp.
The smaller, portable SAMMANLÄNKAD LED lamp offers practicality for outdoor settings, and can be hung by its strap.