Collage of hands embroidering textiles and Akanksha Deo holding an embroidered rug with large organic shapes in playful colours.
23 February 2021

Experimenting with loops for that fuzzy feeling

Designer Akanksha Deo and a woman sitting by a loom, looking at a multicolour pattern design on two pieces of paper.
Akanksha and Gyan Devi with sketches for the rug.

Inspired by traditional stitching

Designer Akanksha Deo and a group of women in traditional Indian clothes sitting on the floor working with textiles.
Laxmi, Vandana, Seema Devi and Akanksha working on a rug sample.

You also developed a loop technique for one of the rugs. How did you come up with this technique together with the supplier?

Three women sitting on a blue rug working with yarn and rope.
Sampati Devi with the IKEA designers Akanksha Deo and Maria O’Brian.

What have you learned from working with LOKALT and meeting the other local designers and social entrepreneurs?

A woman on a city street, holding a white flat-woven rug with blue, brown and pink shapes on it.
Akanksha holding one of the early prototypes from the factory floor workshop.