Multiple black and white mesh gloves on hand moulds on a stone floor.
09 July 2017

Brave new 3D world

A red-haired, smiling man in a white hazmat suit.
Shane Hassett, CEO and founder of Wazp.
A man in a white jumpsuit, smiling.
Wazp is a company specialising in 3D printing.

Why now?

A man in a mask and safety jumpsuit.
Sami Mattila founder of Materflow in Finland, an innovator in 3D printing.
After printing the white items are dyed.

How does it work?

For time efficiency you try to print as many items as possible in one build.
Hand moulds in black gloves scattered on a stone floor.
The first 3D printed product in mass-production at IKEA. A hand from the OMEDELBAR collection, a collaboration with stylist Bea Åkerlund.

The future

The build is taken apart, items separated, and unused powder reused.
Man in white jumpsuit collecting hands out of a 3D printer.
Hands on. Sami Mattila placing newly printed items in the automatic blasting machine to remove powder residue.

Benefits of 3D printing