Marino Maganto, CEO of IKEA Al-Homaizi Ltd.

What’s it like to be an IKEA franchisee?

How did IKEA Al-Homaizi Ltd first become an IKEA franchisee?

What triggered the Al-Homaizi brothers’ interest in the IKEA brand?

A little girl laying on her stomach in a dark room with her reading light on reading a book.

What is your main task as an IKEA franchisee?

A man in a maroon t-shirt standing in a utility room and hanging out washing on a drying rack.
Over 100 home visits were done to help us understand how the IKEA range could be made relevant to local consumers.

How much freedom do you have as a franchisee?

The rooftop of an IKEA store at sunset displaying outdoor furniture such as a rattan table and chairs and lamps.
In the IKEA store in Kuwait, outdoor furniture is put on display in the winter months when it’s cool enough to sit outside.

What are the main challenges of being an IKEA franchisee?

What, if anything, has surprised you?

What is your view of the future?