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Small living room ideas

We believe small can be mighty. Our small living room ideas include suggestions around smart storage, clever use of corners and multi-use furniture, so you can pick and choose which ones work best at yours. We also have tips for throwing a party in a small space, proving a little really can go a long way.

Yvet and her friends gathered on the sofa and bed with large windows behind

Tips for entertaining in a small home

Having guests round when you have a small living room can be daunting, but these ideas will help ensure you have plenty of space for everyone next time you entertain at home.

A living room with family on a blue sofa, lighting, shelving and a world map on the wall

Home visit: a big family in a small house

Even in the cosiest of homes, it's perfectly possible to make space for extended family members. Find out how with these ideas.

A bed with layered blue and white bedding and cushions against a white painted brick wall

Turning your living room into a guest room

With a bit of imagination, your small living room can do everything you want it to. This tiny room makes space for eating, reading and relaxing.


Small space essentials

Your living room might not be the biggest, but with a little bit of effort, it could double up as a guest bedroom, dining room or exercise area if you’re lacking space elsewhere in your home. Explore our ideas to make the most out of your living room, whatever its size.