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Kitchen storage ideas

Eating better means living better, and it all starts in the heart of the home: the kitchen. If you’re looking to introduce healthier and more sustainable ingredients into your cooking, or you’d just like to experiment more with food, having a organised kitchen will make it that little bit easier.

Discover our storage inspiration below and start planning a kitchen that works for you.

5 kitchen pantry storage ideas

Make space for new and different kinds of food in your kitchen pantry or cupboards with these easy ideas to help you stay organised.

Ideas to keep food fresher for longer

Maintain taste and reduce waste with these ideas to store ingredients in a way that preserves them for longer.

Little kitchen storage ideas with a big impact

Take inspiration from the nifty little changes food writer Yvonne made to the way she organises her kitchen.

3 creative kitchen organising tips

Tips on how to organise your kitchen while still showcasing your personality.

Kitchen storage essentials

Planning tools

Try the 3D kitchen planner

With small kitchens, size matters! Enter your kitchen's measurements and details to play around with a nifty online version of your exact space.

Kitchen quick quoter

Find out what your small kitchen could cost with our quick quotes. Simply select the style you have your eye on and enter your specs to get your 1-minute quote.

Our kitchen storage ideas include tips and inspiration that will help improve the way you store everything from spaghetti to salad bowls. Rearrange your shelves so everything you need is within easy reach, or use trolleys and islands to create more space. Getting your kitchen organised is simple, whether you’re designing a whole new room from scratch, or just updating the way your worktops and food cupboards are arranged. And once all that is sorted, you might even feel brave enough to tackle the clutter under the kitchen sink…