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Create your unique dining room look

Eat, work and entertain in a dining area that is both stylish and environmentally conscious. NILSOVE rattan chairs are unique in every way, each weaved individually and with natural colours that transform with time.

Use textures and shapes to create a calm atmosphere: rattan chairs, soft seating pads, flatwoven rug fibres and rounded edges on a TINGBY table can all add a tinge of tranquillity to a room.

If there isn’t much room in your kitchen, store tableware and glassware in a cabinet by your dining table. Keep books and art pieces in the cabinet as well, and your dinnerware will blend in and become part of the decorative display.

Bring a bit of nature into your home: plants can help purify the air, and add a rich lushness. You can start small, using a tray stand or ledge to create a ‘plant corner.’ Be sure to add a lamp, too: a NYMÅNE dimmable lamp can shed extra light on the plants — and help create a cosy dining atmosphere, too!

Curtains are an easy way to add softness to your dining room. Semi-sheer fabrics take away the sharpest sunbeams, so you can enjoy eating in the comfort of natural light without being blinded. (It’s also nice for the plants to get a daily dose of light!)

If your living room and dining room share the same space, divide the areas with rugs. This helps frame different areas in the home. You can use different rugs to match the style of each area, too: soft high pile in the living room, and natural, easy-to-care-for flatwoven rugs in the dining room.