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Kids' bedroom furniture

Redecorating your child's bedroom? Whether you want to create a space geared around playtime, have plans to fill the room with cosy corners to read, or need space-saving solutions for a shared bedroom, discover kids bedroom furniture for any need.

The best bedroom furniture for creative kids

Harness your child's creative aspirations by choosing bedroom furniture that gives them space to express themselves.

Reading corner ideas for your child's bedroom

Here's how you can create a snug spot for your child to get stuck into studying or cosy up with their favourite book.

Kids bunk bed storage ideas

Two kids in one bedroom means double the amount of space taken up – but that's why bunk beds are so great. Take a look at one of our favourite space saving designs here.

Create a hide-and-seek playground

Do your little ones love playing hide and seek? Of course they do! And they'll love it even more in this bedroom full of secret hiding places.


Kids furniture essentials

Few things will inspire and excite you more than making over a kid's bedroom, so enjoy the experience and get creative! You can also turn the makeover into a fun activity you and your little one share together. They'll love picking out their new bed, choosing a study desk or selecting lighting – because soon, they'll have a space that's just for them.