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Small bedroom ideas

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s where you hang up your clothes and then take them back out to get ready in the morning. It might be where you put on your make-up and style your hair, or maybe it’s where you find time to do some yoga, watch a film or even do some work. With our small bedroom ideas, we're making sure you can do everything you need to in yours – and still leave room for plenty of sleep.

Small teenage room ideas: a space to study and rest

Want a bedroom where you can work and rest? One stylist shows how a few simple changes can help you maximise space in a small bedroom.

Small spare room ideas to transform your extra space

A small room really can function as an extra bedroom, home office and chilled-out relaxation spot – and these ideas will show you how.

Small bedroom makeover ideas for awkward spaces

We let a stylist loose on this awkwardly shaped room and learnt some big lessons for small spaces along the way...

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

Searching for some inner peace? Make it happen with these ideas that prove even small bedrooms can be calming and clutter-free.


Small space essentials

What do you do when your bedroom is lacking in space? Lots of us have bedrooms so small there’s not enough room to move around the bed once wardrobes and chests of drawers have been moved in. Luckily there are lots of clever ways to make the most of your space, and put together the best ones here.