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KONSTFULL collection

IKEA x Ilse Crawford renew their collaboration to celebrate the small moments in life. Together, designing and creating unique pieces made from structured glass, a long Scandinavian tradition.

After using our SINNERLIG collection and in particular the jars in so many of our interior projects, we felt it would be great to continue and develop more products in that spirit. The proportions in particular work so well in interiors and in use and seem to be enjoyed by everyone."

It's all in the detail

All IKEA KONSTFULL vases are made from the reused spill glass found on the factory floor. Using this kind of structure in the glass when designing KONSTFULL vases highlights the unique properties and a ways of working with spill glass. Other KONSTFULL vases are coloured or have a matte texture, inspired by the original material.

KARISMATISK metal candlesticks and tealight holders and gold candle dishes are on a table covered in a blue satin cloth.


The inspiration for the KONSTFULL vases comes from nature, as well as old bottles and jars – these were inspiration for the shape. The aim was to create an everyday essential, easy to hold and handle, easy to maintain, holding flowers in a beautiful way. The vases are as beautiful with flowers as they are without.

Set of three KARISMATISK wool rugs in flower and leaf shapes are on a pink satin floor; gold cushions are in the background.
Pink and blue KARISMATISK boxes and gold storage cases are stacked on top of each other; flowers are in the boxes.