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Invite fresh, new candle scents into your home

We’ve teamed up with Ilse Crawford on a new home fragrance range that includes fresh scented candles inspired by nature. The candles come in beautiful ceramic and glass jars that are intended to be reused later.

Candles with a second life

The range includes scented candles in glass and ceramic containers that have been designed by Ilse Crawford. The striking jars are unique to each candle scent and can be reused after the candles burn out.

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HEDERSAM, ADLAD and ENSTAKA scented candles are in jars on a pink marbled surface, making flower-shaped shadows.
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Designer Ilse Crawford, dressed in a white shirt, leans against a work surface in her studio.
There is something that is forever grounding in nature. We wanted to bring the instinctive memory of nature back into our homes, through scents.

Ilse CrawfordDesigner

Time to unwind

These scented candles borrow fresh and bold notes from nature that create a calm, inviting atmosphere at home. Their wax is made of up to 70% natural, plant-based renewable material, and is also free of palm oil.

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ADLAD and ENSTAKA scented candles in jars on a pink marbled surface; the candles create flower-shaped shadows.
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