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Office plant ideas for a greener workspace

Research has shown that plants increase wellbeing, creativity and productivity in the workplace. Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design, who co-created ‘Plants Work’ with IKEA at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, shares his top 5 tips for improving wellbeing with indoor plants.

A selection of plants in clear glass vases and potted succulents on a white desk
A selection of plants in clear glass vases and potted succulents on a white desk
Plants provide us with a huge psychological boost. As human beings, we have an innate need to be connected with nature-it's essential for our overall health.

Plants are smart

"The greener the plants are, the more effective they are at stimulating creativity. Go for something with real visual impact, and large dramatic leaves: MONSTERA is always a great choice, as is a FICUS house plant."

Houseplants are good for us

"Keep your workspace healthy with indoor plants which clean the air by reducing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. ALOE VERA is particularly good as the leaves display brown spots when the air becomes polluted."

Wellbeing wonders

"Just looking at a plant can benefit us so put them in view in your home office - ideally on your desk. I absolutely love the IKEA minis. The SUCCULENTS are just gorgeous and you can make a stylish display by grouping them on a plate or tray."

Not a gardener? No problem

"Opt for a plant that needs little care. SANSEVIERIA and ZAMIOCULCAS both thrive on neglect, it's overwatering that will kill them. IDEAL if you're busy at work of likely to be away on holiday or for longer periods of time."

Divide your room

"Plants are a great way of dividing up your workspace, giving you more privacy or hiding your desk when it's not in use. A tall plant placed next to your desk not only looks good, it creates a natural screen. Alternatively, use a few hanging plants or fill an open bookshelf with plants such as CLUSIA to screen off your desk."

About Ian Drummond

Ian Drummond is Creative Director of Indoor Garden Design and has won many awards: including Gold and Silver Gilt and Best in Show Medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. He writes a monthly column in Pro Landscaper and is an RHS Committee member.

Indoor Garden Design has been bringing nature into offices, hotels, shops and restaurants for more than 40 years.

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