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How to get more comfortable when sleeping

Being comfy is key to getting a good night’s sleep – but how do you get more comfortable in bed? Let’s face it: the more comfortable you are in your bed, the better-quality sleep you’ll get. While we all have different wants and needs when it comes to the perfect bedtime set-up, the same factors will help everyone create theirs.

A woman stretching her arms above her head in bed.
A woman stretching her arms above her head in bed.

Find the right firmness
We all have our own preferences for levels of firmness, but as a general rule, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress needs to be. If you share a bed and you and your partner prefer different levels of firmness, you can opt for two single mattresses to suit your individual requirements and help you both sleep better.

Align your neck
Pillow size and firmness is as important for spinal support as your mattress. Choose a pillow that continues the natural line of your spine, from your lower back to your head. You’ll know if it’s the right one for you because your neck and shoulders will be relaxed, and your airway open.

Try different bedding
If you regularly wake up feeling too hot or cold, or your sheets feel rough against your skin, your bed linen could be affecting your sleep. It’s important to test out which materials work for you, but cotton bedding is a good first port of call, as it’s soft, durable and breathable.

Consider allergies
You may be allergic to dust mites without knowing it, and research has shown that sufferers experience higher rates of sleep disturbance and daytime tiredness. If you experience unexplained sniffling, wheezing or coughing at night, the air quality may well be a problem, so use a pillow or mattress protector, and wash bedding at 60°C to combat the effects of a possible allergy.

For more sleep inspiration and tips on how to improve your bedroom environment, visit our dedicated sleep hub.

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