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SYMFONISK Picture Frame with WiFi Speaker

July 2021

Looks like music. Sounds like art. IKEA and Sonos are pleased to introduce a new addition to the SYMFONISK family, a picture frame with WiFi speaker. The new release is part of a long-term partnership between IKEA and Sonos with the goal of democratizing music and sound in the home, to bring a better listening experience to the many people. With this collaboration, perfect sound blends seamlessly into your home.


June 2021

LOKALT is a limited-edition collaboration with contemporary local designers from Amman, Delhi, Bangkok and IKEA in-house designers. The vibrant collection of handmade textiles and ceramics celebrates where local traditions meet traditional handicraft and is produced by social entrepreneurs in Jordan, Thailand and India. Every cushion cover, rug, basket and bowl create equality, inclusion and livelihoods in regions where it’s most needed.

April News

April 2021

Summer is calling! This April at IKEA, meet new products inspired by the spirit of summer, and made with durable materials from more sustainable sources. You're bound to find something here that will not only help you grab the moment and go, but also make life a little more comfortable and cozy.

FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

April 2021

As we spend more time indoors, the climate at home becomes an important factor for health and well-being. FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is the first product from our new product segment focusing on indoor climate. The air purifier helps to create healthier air by filtering away gases and particles. These can be pollutants, chemicals, pollen, dust and odors. The combination of a Hepa 12 filter that cleans away particles and a carbon filter that removes gases gives you an advanced and efficient air-purifying solution.

Art Event 2021

April 2021

At IKEA, we believe art is for everyone. IKEA Art Event 2021 explores the line between art and function to bring new perspective to the everyday objects in our home. The 10-piece limited-edition collection was created in collaboration with artists and designers from around the world: Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx. The collection was created to inspire and capture the imagination, while also functioning as useful household items -- so please, go ahead and touch the artwork.


March 2021

Meet INBJUDEN: a new collection that has everything you need for celebrating all the small (or big) things in life! From serving dishes and glassware to candle holders, vases, and textiles, INBJUDEN will have you thinking spring with a bright color palette and timeless patterns. Although special occasions may look different this season, INBJUDEN offers a variety of affordable products to create memorable moments around the table for years to come.

February News

February 2021

This February, the latest arrivals at IKEA are a tribute to this time of year, when the energy and excitement of springtime are in full bloom. The range offers a light, fresh color palette and a closeness to nature that we miss in the winter months. From laptop stands - perfect for upgrading your work-from-home setup - to cabinets and vases, elegant simplicity is the golden thread throughout. Clean lines and uncomplicated forms allow functionality and natural materials - birch, bamboo and rattan - to be in focus. The best bit of spring is the anticipation of new things to come, and the inspiration behind February's new arrivals is no different.

IKEA Transforms App into Shopping Experience

IKEA U.S. has launched a new and improved app, transforming its previous in-store companion app into a shopping platform where customers can browse and purchase products in a simpler, more convenient way. Via the new platform, customers will now be able to buy products directly through the IKEA app for home delivery and pick up at the store. The updated IKEA app builds upon the many ways that IKEA U.S. continues to transform its business to be more convenient and accessible for customers wherever they are and however they like to shop.

Hej New York! IKEA Queens is officially open in Rego Park

The new IKEA Queens, N.Y. store in the Rego Center shopping mall is now open to the public for shopping on January 11, 2021! This store is the first in the U.S. with a new, smaller format, offering a full range of products. Through inspiring room sets and digital tools for seamless shopping, the new Queens store offers sustainable, small-space living solutions built for the unique lifestyle of New Yorkers. This opening marks the third IKEA location in New York City, complementing the Planning Studio in Manhattan and IKEA Brooklyn, for a shopping experience that's even more convenient.

For images of the IKEA Queens store location, please contact the IKEA US Press Office at

SAGOSKATT: A New Collection from Our Youngest Designers Around the World

The newest members of SAGOSKATT, the playful collection of soft toys designed by children as part of the IKEA Soft Toy Drawing competition, will be available in the U.S. beginning in November.

The six designers selected this year - chosen from more than 71,000 entries across the globe - include creative and cuddly friends such as an eggplant car, a mouse dressed as a ladybug and Globe man. To further support the belief that Play is essential to children's development, 100% of the purchase price of each SAGOSKATT toy in the U.S. will be donated to local initiatives supporting children's rights.

Magical Moments

'Tis the season to create magical moments and treasured memories. In a year when physically spending time with loved ones is not easy for all, IKEA is committed to helping consumers find the joy and wonder of the holidays with Four Weeks of Wonder - a month-long celebration of everything that makes the holidays magical, chock full of home décor, entertaining, celebrating and gifting ideas, product inspiration, giveaways and more.

Additionally, IKEA launches VINTER - a hand-picked selection of products to make it a wonderful, fuss-free festive season for everyone. Need a Christmas tree to fit in a small space? Try the new VINTER 2020 artificial potted plant. Looking for holiday food ideas/inspiration? Enjoy a tasty treat like the VINTERSAGA glogg, mulled fruit drink or make gingerbread cookies from the VINTERSAGA Gingerbread dough.

RÅVAROR: Designs for Life-changing Times

November 2020

IKEA introduces RÅVAROR: a new collection of multi-functional furnishings that can easily to adapt to your home wherever it may be - now and in the future.

Marrying the concept of Scandinavian design and flexibility, the collection features products made from components such as wood and wool to create lasting items that do many things - such as a storage bench that doubles as a coffee table, a daybed for socializing and sleeping and a tray with folding legs that can act as a table in bed or standing desk - that can follow you on every move.

IKEA and Ben Gorham of Byredo Introduce OSYNLIG

November 2020

What does home smell like? This question inspired IKEA and Ben Gorham to create OSYNLIG - a new, limited-edition collection of luxury scented candles at an affordable price. The collection features scents in the floral, fresh and woody scent families that bring to life the concept of invisible design. Developed to provoke a wide range of emotion - from nostalgia for the things you've done, to dreams of the things you might do - the collection heightens the experience of being at home and how it makes you feel.


October 2020

This October, IKEA U.S. is introducing DEKORERA - a new collection of home furnishing accessories and textiles that combine the rich colors and style of 17th century Dutch master painters with traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, setting the mood for a new season. As the holidays approach and the nights lengthen, the new cushion covers, throw blankets, dishware - and more - add an easy and inviting winter flair to the home.

IKEA and the LEGO Group Introduce BYGGLEK

August 2020

Play is an essential part of everyday life - it fosters creativity, relieves stress and helps bring people together. We know that where children see a world of imagination, parents often see a mess. We partnered with LEGO Group to create BYGGLEK, a new, limited-edition collection that removes the barriers to play by combining it with storage to make the home a better place.

Available beginning October 1, the collection features a set of curated LEGO® bricks and three different-sized storage boxes that children can build their creations on so that parents can tidy up without dismantling creations. BYGGLEK inspires children to play, display, replay.

Back to School/College

August 2020

IKEA U.S. knows that going back to school / college this year will look a bit different for students around the country. Whether you're moving into a dorm or apartment, or planning to create a study space at home, IKEA offers a plethora of products and solutions that fit perfectly into any student's life.

Set up your new space with multi-functional products like a storage cart or clothes rack and decorate with colorful storage boxes and string lights, or create the perfect study area complete with a comfortable desk, floor cushions for study breaks and wall organizers to keep track of assignments, all at an affordable price.

SAMMANKOPPLA: Bangkok Street Style Meets Home Furnishing

August 2020

IKEA announces a new, limited-edition collection, SAMMANKOPPLA, developed alongside Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original. Inspired by recycling, reusing and creative repurposing, the collection is both multifunctional and affordable.

The collection, available in-store and online this month, is a mix of Thai street style and home furnishing expertise that includes bags and cases in patterns inspired by the Bangkok urban landscape, multi-functional cushions and rugs made from PET bottles.


April 2020

As many of us are spending more time at home, IKEA is rolling out new products* that are kind to the environment (and wallet!) to help us relax and indulge in precious moments.

We are introducing new new sustainable textiles including duvet sets for children and teens created with breathable cotton, GUNRID air-purifying curtains created from recycled PET bottles and a rug made from waste of yarn production that reduces climate impact, as well as new products handcrafted by artisans around the globe such as beautiful cushions covers created by female artisans in India and bamboo lamps handwoven in Vietnam.

*Since IKEA U.S. stores are currently closed due to COVID-19, new products will be available online at starting April 1, 2020.

Celebrate Indoor Gardening with BOTANISK

March 2020

BOTANISK is the newest collection by IKEA created in close collaboration with six social entrepreneurs around the globe aimed at making it easier to bring greenery into the home with products that look, feel and do good.

The limited-edition collection, available now, features everything needed to turn your home into an urban jungle from hanging pots and baskets to tool storage and textiles in earthy colors. Plus, all of the items have been created using natural tactile materials such as jute, better cotton and banana fiber, by artisans in India, Thailand, Jordan and Romania.


February 2020

This February, IKEA is offering new products that are all about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that is close to nature. Whether you are living in the countryside or the city, you can bring nature to your home with a bit of greenery and a wabi-sabi attitude.

We are introducing new furniture that is good for your health, as well as the environment, such as the LIDKULLEN sit/stand support that encourages a healthy sitting habit while you work. We are also launching TJILLEVIPS, a new limited-edition collection of sustainable, handmade baskets woven from six different types of plant fibers: bamboo, rattan, seagrass, banana fiber, poplar and jute. TJILLEVIPS, which creates jobs for skilled craftspeople, is an easy and caring way - both for people and planet - to organize, decorate and bring nature into your home

Get the party started with FREKVENS

February 2020

Social life at home is often centered around music, so having good sound in every room has become a dream for many. The FREKVENS limited-edition collection introduces sound to the home in a new way with products that allow you to easily start a party in your home or on-the-go.

Meaning “frequency” in Swedish, FREKVENS is inspired by music, one of the most powerful and uniting cultural forces in society. The core of the collection, a portable music system, was designed in collaboration with the creative collective teenage engineering. You can then build on the system using LEDs and spotlights, stackable tableware and/or water repellent cushions to create a totally unique party experience at home, or wherever the music takes you!

Spring Clean with BORSTAD

February 2020

New season, new start! BORSTAD, launching in February, features functional cleaning tools and accessories that combine rustic style and sustainable techniques to make spring cleaning easy and elegant.

The limited-edition collection features everything needed to help get your house in order from traditional cleaning tools such as a dust pan and brush, glass spray bottles and cleaning cloths to laundry necessities like a clothes brush and drying rack to space-saving solutions including hanging hooks and organizers. Plus, all items have been consciously designed using natural materials such as hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas which ensure long-lasting products.

2019 Winter Collection: A Holiday for Everyone

October 2019

This year's limited-edition Winter Collection from IKEA - inspired by its Scandinavian heritage and modern ways of celebrating -- is about finding pockets of comfort in what might otherwise be a stressful time. Whether you prefer a “less-is-more” minimal approach or full-on holiday glam, find everything you need for your holiday cooking, eating, decorating, gift-wrapping and more, to make it a fuss-free, inclusive season

SAGOSKATT: A New Collection from Our Youngest Designers

October 2019

The sixth edition of SAGOSKATT, the playful collection of soft toys designed by children as part of the IKEA Soft Toy Drawing competition, will be available in the U.S. starting in November. The six designs selected this year - chosen from more than 85,000 entries received from around the globe - include a motley crew of creative characters from a sock-wearing rainbow to a cucumber superhero.

IKEA believes in the power of creativity and play, and supports every child's right to play. When children express creativity they learn, grow and develop. That's why 100% of the purchase price of each SAGOSKATT toy in the US will be donated to Save the Children's relief and recovery efforts.


October 2019

Make your mark with MARKERAD, a limited-edition collection designed in collaboration with Virgil Abloh. Developed with millennial, new homeowners in mind - whether living as singles, couples, or co-living - this collection offers a way to make a statement in the home with budget-friendly and fashionable objects.

Created with democratic design in mind, this collection fuses functionality with street cred and high cultural references, turning everyday objects like a table, chair, mirror and clock into design icons. Available on November 1, Abloh brings his unexpected, artistic references and deconstructive elements - such as his iconic quotation marks - to each piece in the MARKERAD collection.

Download MARKERAD images

What's New: October NEWS

September 2019

We're going back to our roots this October and embracing Scandinavian design. From textiles designed with a Swedish handicraft pattern and bold colors, to minimalist seating such as a stool and desk chair, to a new traditionally-designed storage family, LOMMARP, we're blending traditional and modern styles to create fresh designs at an affordable price.

LURVIG, Designed With Our Furry Friends In Mind

September 2019

We view pets as members of our family who we only want the best for, so we created LURVIG - a cat and dog collection designed with our furry friends in mind along with the expertise of a veterinarian. Using our pets' natural needs and behaviors as starting points we developed products that fit the different personalities of all animals - cozy pouffes and reversible cat igloos allow cats to live like the kings and queens they are, and a mini KLIPPAN sofa allows your pup to watch TV next to you without dirtying the couch. With different colors, textures and patterns this Scandinavian-design inspired collection will seamlessly blend in with your existing furnishings.

Cozy Up With VÄRMER

September 2019

Whether warm or cold in your part of the world, the holidays are a time of the year spent with your loved ones creating memories and traditions together by cooking, eating, socializing, unwinding and relaxing.

Available this October, VÄRMER is a limited-edition collection of holiday-inspired homeware and winter accessories created by two designers from Kenya and Sweden. From cozy guest seating to serveware and table games, the pieces in this collection are beautiful, timeless and functional and designed for all kinds of celebrations, but above all, for being together.

IKEA 2020 Catalog & August NEWS

August 2019

Get ready for a fresh start with the IKEA 2020 Catalog! At IKEA, we know that a great night's sleep makes us feel good and helps us better manage whatever comes our way during the day. That's why the IKEA 2020 Catalog is dedicated to saving our sleep, featuring a range of new products and design solutions from blackout blinds to ergonomic pillows to help consumers achieve the perfect work/life/sleep balance. Whether you're looking for a better night's sleep or simply for some everyday home inspiration, the IKEA 2020 Catalog has it covered.

IKEA x SONOS Present SYMFONISK: A New Light on Sound

August 2019

IKEA and Sonos are taking on sound in the home together, exploring how to enable more people to create atmosphere at home with great design, music and sound. From the partnership came SYMFONISK, an all-new sound collection which includes a table lamp with WiFi speaker and bookshelf with WiFi speaker. These new great sounding, great looking pieces of furniture blend into the home in new ways, making it easier to furnish with sound. SYMFONISK will be available in IKEA U.S. stores beginning August 2019.

OMBYTE: Designed for Your Next Move

Whether you're moving down the road or across the country, we know the process is not easy. That's why we created OMBYTE - a limited-edition collection of colorful, functional moving essentials.

OMBYTE, available starting mid-July, features all the necessities to make your move less stressful and more fun from different types of boxes and bags in bright colors and patterns to stackable wire baskets, storage combinations and trolleys for organization. Plus, all of the items in the collection can move-in with you as stylish furniture and décor.

NYC Gets Ready for a Brand New IKEA Experience!

The first ‘IKEA Planning Studio’ in the U.S. opens April 15 in New York City. Co-created with New Yorkers, the new location will serve as a destination for inspiration and customized planning with a focus on small space living. Customers will be able to browse many of IKEA's most popular products and discover multi-functional solutions to maximize space in their homes whether that's a studio apartment or a row house. IKEA design experts will be available via walk-in or appointments to help with planning projects. And, rather than walking out with product, all purchases will be conveniently delivered to the customer's home. The new IKEA Planning Studio is the latest development in the transformation of the brand bringing IKEA closer to many in the heart of New York City.