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IKEA Applauds Lawmakers for Introduction of Legislation to Protect Children From Furniture Tip-Overs

IKEA Statement for STURDY Act
March 18th, 2021

IKEA welcomes the introduction of the Stop Tip-Overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth (“STURDY”) Act by Rep. Schakowsky and Sen. Casey. Furniture tip-over incidents are a serious home safety issue, and IKEA believes that all stakeholders — industry, legislators, regulators, safety advocates and consumers — must work together to protect children and create a safer life at home.

The STURDY Act calls on the CPSC to set mandatory stability requirements for clothing storage furniture sold in the United States. IKEA has long advocated for a mandatory rule in this area. We see the potential for the STURDY Act to significantly advance industry-wide progress on furniture stability.

IKEA is making significant investments in product design and consumer awareness in order to further increase user-friendliness and enhance safe use. We believe that product development innovation can increase the safety level and is a vital component of a comprehensive approach to reduce the risk of tip-over. We will continue to engage with Congress to ensure that safety-advancing innovative solutions are considered as an important part of the way forward.

IKEA is fully committed to be a part of the solution. We look forward to serving as a collaborative partner with US policymakers and stakeholders to advance and strengthen our shared priority.