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Earth Day 2021: Creating a more sustainable world for future generations

A man in yellow IKEA uniform standing talking to two young children around a kitchen countertop island.
Selwyn Crittendon, Country Business Development Manager for IKEA U.S., talks with his sons (left to right) Cayden and Micah about what Earth Day means to them.

April 22, 2021

The IKEA vision has always been to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our vision has remained consistent throughout the years, but our world has evolved dramatically. This rings particularly true when it comes to climate change. It is no longer a distant threat, but a visible reality impacting the lives of many millions of people around the world.

Earth Day 2021 marks an important point in time. We know that small efforts by the many people made over time can make a big impact in the long-term, and we believe in the power of working together on a consistent and ongoing basis to create a better world for future generations.

That’s why this Earth Month we’re showing how every voice and action – no matter how small – has an impact through our ‘Small Stories, Great Impact’ video series. We’re highlighting our co-workers and our youngest sustainability ambassadors – their children – to show how everyone is worth engaging to help create a better future. Our co-workers and their families inspire us, not only with their commitment to creating a better life at home, but through their efforts to bring sustainability to life at IKEA. Watch the video and share with your friends and family.

Our stores play an important role locally in the U.S. as we’ve embarked on the People and Planet Positive initiative and in our fiscal year 2020, produced 1B+ kWh of renewable energy, which far outpaced the amount of energy used in U.S. locations. This is just one example – whether it’s working toward zero emissions for home deliveries, opening solar car parks for the first time or offering 50% plant-based food options in our restaurants, our stores play a vital role in helping to reduce our climate footprint and make sustainability accessible to the many.

Sustainability at IKEA neither starts nor ends with Earth Day. We understand we have a big responsibility – and many opportunities – to make a positive difference when it comes to climate change. We are optimistic about the future, and the way we’ve come together to work towards becoming a circular and climate positive company by 2030 is a constant source of inspiration for me as we look to turn the challenges we’re facing into solutions.

Javier Quiñones
President & Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA U.S.