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Action Speaks Summit 2023

It’s time to take action against the climate crisis. Join us during Climate Week NYC 2023 as we host the Action Speaks Summit (9/18/23-9/24/23). At this special gathering, we’ll bring together concerned people, world leaders, businesses and organizations who are ready to act now and create a better tomorrow.

IKEA is committed to the Paris Agreement, becoming a climate positive business by 2030 and to being net zero by 2050. Join us to get inspired about everyday climate solutions and to learn how you can contribute. Because together we can make a difference!

See below for details on two free events on Saturday, September 23.


You’re invited to the Action Speaks Summit 2023 exhibition, which will showcase 32 inspiring and scalable actions already being taken around the world, showing us what can be done to save our planet!

Location: 999 3rd Ave (between 59th and 60th St), Manhattan, New York, NY 10022, United States 

Opening hours

September 18th - September 24th, 2023

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am-5:30pm

Tuesday: Closed

Friday-Saturday: 8am-8pm

Sunday: 8am-5:30pm


Climate-friendly chat with Sami Miró

Join climate-friendly fashion designer, Sami Miro on Saturday, Sept 23 at 2pm for an inspirational and actionable talk building on the topic of how we make and the corresponding solution of using waste and reclaiming it as a valuable resource. Sami shares how her clothing company, Sami Miro Vintage, and her design process came to life, her approach to thrifting and how to adopt a circular lifestyle.

Climate Comedy Hour

Join us on Saturday at 6pm for a climate-based, live stand-up comedy hour with the Climate Comedy Cohort, a group of comedians who use jokes to educate people about climate change. Big laughs, bigger ideas!

Let’s take action together!

We can’t do it alone, but we can make a difference together. Through bigger societal reforms and smaller changes to our everyday lives, we can all make a positive impact on the future of our planet. The Action Speaks Summit is just the beginning. Check out some more ways you can live more sustainably at home below.