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Climate and environment

As a global brand meeting many millions of customers around the world every day, we have a big climate footprint, and therefore a big responsibility to reduce it, from how we source raw materials and run our operations, to the products and services we offer our customers.

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Climate action

If we are to make the planet a safer and healthier place for generations to come, the world needs effective, organized and innovative action.

See how IKEA is tackling climate change
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Drastically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is key to becoming climate positive by 2030.

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Circular business is good business

We’re on our way to becoming a circular business. As part of this transformation we’re developing products and services to help people maintain, repair and pass on their belongings.

How we’re becoming a circular business
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IKEA sustainability ambitions for 2030

The IKEA Sustainability Strategy – People & Planet Positive – sets out our goals for transforming the IKEA business across our value chain, and life at home for people all across the world.

Read the IKEA Sustainability Strategy

Making better choices easier

We want to help people live more sustainable lives. To do this we strive to create products that are sustainably sourced, provide a growing range of plant-based meal options, and offer products that reduce food waste and cut down on energy and water consumption.