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By making your laundry routine more organized, you can save your time, your clothes, and even your planet. What are you waiting for?

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Laundry featuring a person ironing a blue shirt, a laundry basket with folded laundry and bench with various detergents

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Laundry room with dryer and organized drawers that links to the ALGOT series page


A versatile system for the laundry room, pantry or wherever it’s needed. Just click the brackets onto the wall uprights to add a shelf or accessory – it’s easy to add or remove parts as your needs change.

Clothes hanging in a ELVARLI storage system with a link to the ELVARLI series page


ELVARLI storage system adapts to your space. The open solution with durable bamboo shelves creates an attractive display of your belongings. Psst! Please attach to the wall.

Laundry room services

Here at IKEA we’re committed to not only helping you create the perfect look for your unique space, but to innovate solutions for your every-day life to help make chores feel a lot less like chores. From our versatile mountable shelf baskets to adaptable storage shelving systems you’ll wonder how you ever did laundry without all the help.

Got a fragile piece of clothing? Try out our indoor/outdoor drying racks and clothing hooks that fold up to nothing when you’re all finished. Want to clean up the messy laundry sitting on the floor? Check out our fashionable baskets that you won’t be embarrassed to leave out! Need help organizing? We’ve got you covered there – see everything from collapsible boxes with compartments, to shoe organizers, or hang up an extendable box organizer with the extra space in the closet! You can be sure to get the most innovative and stylish products out there to reduce clutter in your space and save time in your day to day.