A kitchen that reflects the true, and stylish, you

A kitchen with anthracite doors, a worktop in walnut, a black faucet and brass-colored wall panels.

SEKTION/KUNGSBACKA Kitchen cabinet combination
$1,749 For a standard 10'x10' layout*

Let your kitchen be more than a just kitchen – go bold and let it become a real fashion statement in your home! Anthracite cover panels, combined with golden details and unique walnut expressions, make cooking a real pleasure.

Most things are digital these days, even the recipes! A tablet stand in your kitchen is perfect when watching cooking tutorials, or when you want to watch your favorite series while stirring in a stew.

Things don't have to be messy just because they are hidden – VARIERA utensil trays keep things organized in the drawers, so it's easy to find whatever you need while cooking.

Good lighting on your worktop doesn't only create a lovely glow in your kitchen – it also provides you with an illuminated surface where you can prepare your dinner!

A warm walnut countertop paired with stylish anthracite drawer fronts creates an expensive look in your kitchen. But don't be fooled – KUNGSBACKA and BARKABODA are affordable, yet durable and hardwearing, and they both have a 25-year warranty.

Sit back and relax with a good conscience when it's dinner time – ODGER is as a good choice for the environment since the chair is 30% wood, a renewable source, and at least 55% of its remaining materials is recycled plastic.

*Price valid for cabinets only (see here for details). Valid in US only. Tax, delivery, assembly and installation not included.