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Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain, we are currently experiencing significant delays with our kitchen cabinet systems and fronts. While we continue to work closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot estimate the wait time, or guarantee the complete availability of our cabinets and fronts. If you choose to move forward with your kitchen purchase today, and we are unable to book all the pieces required, we do not recommend installing your kitchen or booking your contractor until you have received all items needed to complete the installation of your kitchen.

Get custom kitchen countertops with these 5 easy steps

Take your kitchen to the next level with custom KASKER quartz countertops. Made from one of nature’s strongest materials, our affordable kitchen countertops are durable, modern, stylish, nonporous and highly scratch, stain and heat resistant. They’re also available in a range of colors and edge profiles to match your dream kitchen design style – and they’re perfect for backsplashes, too! Follow these five easy steps to upgrade your kitchen countertops now!

Planning your entire kitchen renovation? Schedule an appointment with one of our Kitchen planners today! If you need help or more information, please view our Buying Guide and Terms and Conditions.

The edge of a gray quartz countertop with a cutting board and other cooking utensils.
The edge of a gray quartz countertop with a cutting board and other cooking utensils.

A quick, easy kitchen refresh!

Step 1: Choose your countertop color

Choose from our selection of nearly two dozen colors and effects to find the countertop design that’s perfect for your kitchen.

KASKER White Stone Effect
2cm thick |103.949.78
$45/ sq. ft.

KASKER White Mineral Effect
2cm thick | 505.294.14 |$49/ sq. ft.
3cm thick | 303.950.00 |$53/ sq. ft.

KASKER Matte Light Gray/Concrete Effect
2cm thick | 405.294.19 | $57/ sq. ft.
3cm thick | 003.950.11 | $61/ sq. ft.

KASKER Light Gray/Beige/Glitter/Marble Effect
3cm thick | 504.237.66
$61/ sq. ft.

KASKER Gray Marble Effect
3cm thick | 603.949.90
$69/ sq. ft.

KASKER Gray Stone Marble Effect
3cm thick | 903.949.79
$69/ sq. ft.

KASKER Black Marble Effect
3cm thick | 703.950.17
$77/ sq. ft.

KASKER Black Stone Effect
2cm thick | 205.294.15 | $49/ sq. ft
3cm thick | 203.949.87 | $53/ sq. ft.

KASKER Light Gray/Beige Marble Effect
3cm thick | 803.950.07
$53/ sq. ft.

KASKER White Mineral/Glitter Effect
3cm thick | 603.949.71
$61/ sq. ft.

KASKER Dark Brown Glitter Marble Effect
3cm thick | 003.949.74
$69/ sq. ft.

KASKER White Stone Marble Effect
3cm thick | 703.949.99
$69/ sq. ft.

KASKER White Marble Effect
3cm thick | 103.950.01
$77/ sq. ft.

KASKER Dark Gray Marble Effect
3cm thick | 903.950.16
$77/ sq. ft.

KASKER Gray Stone Effect
3cm thick | 303.949.82
$53/ sq. ft.

KASKER Light Gray/Stone Effect
3cm thick | 003.949.93
$61/ sq. ft.

KASKER Off-White Marble Effect
3cm thick | 903.949.98
$61/ sq. ft.

2cm thick | 805.294.17 | $65/ sq. ft.
3cm thick | 503.950.04 | $69/ sq. ft.

KASKER Light Gray/Dark Gray Mineral Effect
2cm thick | 005.294.16 |$65/ sq. ft.
3cm thick | 803.949.89 |$69/ sq. ft.

KASKER Light Gray/Marble Effect
3cm thick | 603.950.13
$77/ sq. ft.

Step 2: Choose your countertop edge

From straight to beveled and beyond, choose the countertop profile edge to match your kitchen design preferences.

Straight Edge- $5/linear foot
Beveled Edge- $10/linear foot
Full Round- $10/linear foot
Chamfered Edge- $10/linear foot
Half Round- $10/linear foot

Step 3: Make more kitchen upgrades

Explore our selection of kitchen sinks, faucets, energy-efficient appliances and backsplashes to put the finishing touches on your dream kitchen.

Step 4: Measure your countertops

You can choose to take measurements yourself to find out what size custom countertops you need.

How to estimate the cost of your KASKER Quartz countertop

Start by measuring your countertop from the corner where it attaches to the wall. Make sure to make your measurements alongside the wall and always start from the same point. When measuring the depth, start from the wall and measure out. Don't forget to add 1½" for an overhang too.

If you need to measure for a freestanding countertop (a kitchen island for example), simply start from one end and add 1½" extra for an overhang.

If you have questions or need help planning your design, please visit your local IKEA store for more information.

Step 5: Place your order!

Ready to get one step closer to your dream kitchen? Let’s do it! Our KASKER custom kitchen countertops are not available to purchase online. Please visit the kitchen department at your local IKEA store and talk to one of our Kitchen Services associates to place your order.

If you need help or more information, please view our Buying Guide and Terms and Conditions below

Your new durable quartz countertops, in addition to being stain, scratch and heat resistant, will be protected under a limited lifetime warranty.

There’s more than one way to pay for your new kitchen. Daydreaming of a kitchen that’ll inspire you to cook healthier? Let’s help you find a solution that matches your dreams.