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Design and planning tools

Plan your dream kitchen, perfect home office, wardrobe storage system, and more. Play with colors, styles, sizes and combinations with our easy to use planners. These tools make it easy to visualize and create your ideal solution.

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A person holding a smartphone which shows an empty room furnished with IKEA products in augmented reality.

Design the perfect space with IKEA Kreativ

Scan your room in the IKEA mobile app and design your own space to bring IKEA 3D products into your home, in mixed reality, or start in one of our 50+ virtual showrooms.

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Plan your room in the finest detail

With room planners, you can create a detailed technical plan of your space, including windows, outlets and pipes. Plan your kitchen, bathroom or office space in detail.

*Please note, the IKEA kitchen planner is not compatible with mobile devices.

Looking for help from a kitchen expert? Remote kitchen planning can help keep your kitchen project moving forward from the comfort of your home. Schedule a convenient, free virtual appointment now to discuss your project with a professional IKEA kitchen planner.

Create a product design that fits your space and needs

Product planners are simple design tools that can help you create a complex product solution perfectly suited to your needs. In these planners, you can add and remove modular pieces and interior organizers, and save your design for later.

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Customize your ideal storage solution

Plan and design different storage solutions for all areas of the home. Create a personalized wardrobe with PAX planner or a unique living room storage system with BESTÅ planner. The possibilities are endless!

Put together your dream sofa

With modular sofa planners, you can create the perfect sofa combination from different modular pieces or covers. Select one of the sofas that fit your style, then create a solution tailored to your home space.

Use the comfort guide to optimize your sleep

Looking for a good night’s sleep? Use our planning tools to select the perfect sleeping space for your bedroom.

Visualize and design the perfect kitchen for you

Kitchen planners are quick and simple tools that allow you to customize ENHET kitchen combinations into a solution best suited for your home.

Create your own office desks or dining chairs

Office desk and dining chair planners allow you to combine different table tops or seats and legs, making it simple and easy to create a solution that works for you.