VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated

Product details

3-year warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.This hand shower with full spray function gives a wide and even coverage for a relaxing shower experience.The mesh spray function boosts the force of the water spray which is perfect for rinsing thick hair.You can choose between full spray or mesh spray or you can combine the two, giving you the best of both worlds.You can easily adjust the height of the hand shower thanks to the flexible parking bracket on the rail.Easy to clean by rubbing the rubber nozzles on the showerhead.The chrome-plated surface is a hard, durable and easy to clean.A washer integrated in the shower keeps the water flow just right while less water and energy is used.Comes with full, mist, full/mist spray functions.Shower hose included.Wall fittings included.Pressure compensating flow regulator included.The hand shower water consumption is 1.8 gpm.Spare parts are available to prolong the life of your product. For more information, contact IKEA Customer Services at your IKEA store or IKEA.com.Can be used with other products in the VOXNAN series.Designer

H Preutz/N Karlsson

  • Handheld showerhead inner housing:Acetal plastic
    Handheld showerhead outer housing/ Rail fixture:ABS plastic, Chrome plated
    Nozzle:Synthetic rubber
    Rail:Stainless steel
    Inner hose:Polyethylene
    Outer hose:PET plastic
    Holder:ABS plastic, Acetal plastic, Chrome plated
    To remove larger limescale deposits – use diluted, ordinary white vinegar and rinse with water.Rub away limescale deposits with your hands.Check the washers on a regular basis.Clean with a soft damp cloth only using water and a mild washing-up detergent or soap. Never use scouring powder, steel wool, a descaling agent or a detergent that is acidic or contains alcohol or an abrasive.
  • As a part of our effort to phase out hazardous materials from our products, we made our shower hoses PVC-free. In fact, all IKEA products are PVC-free except for cords in electrical products.
  • VOXNANRiser rail with hand shower/outletArticle Number:603.426.23
    Width: 8 ¼ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 28 ¼ "Weight: 4 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

Hand shower diameter: 
3 ½ "
Length of hose: 
59 "
26 ¾ "


Shower sprayerdproctorIt has worked wonderful for our shower and for our dogs5
VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated

Efficient showers for everyday indulgence

With VOXNAN, BROGRUND and VALLAMOSSE showers, we want to help you save water and energy while enjoying a warm and nice shower. To succeed, we had to find just the right balance between the pressure in the water spray of the showers and water consumption. So how could we find out that the balance was right? It was all about changing into swimwear and turning on the mixer.  Read More
But before we got that far ― even before looking at all the technical details ― we interviewed people in different countries about their bathrooms and shower habits. Then we understood how important a few minutes under spraying water can be. Since it's not just about being clean, getting in the shower can also be a way to rinse off stress and unwind ― to take a moment for yourself or just wake up to a new day. When you rub the sleep out of your eyes in the shower, the spraying water naturally helps. But did you know that only 3% of all water on the planet is freshwater? And most of it is actually bound in ice. Since this limited freshwater is a vital resource for all of life, we must help to nurture it.

The engine of the shower

This is where the shower range comes in. We want to make it simple to save water and energy. With smart technology, the thermostatic mixer and shower arm make this simple. Antony Smith, who was part of the shower development team, has worked with mixers and showers since he finished university long ago. He describes the thermostatic mixer as the shower's engine "It's the mixer which ensures that there's an even water flow and the right temperature". Antony explains that it's thanks to the thermostatic mixer that your shower water is not affected if someone turns on the water in the kitchen. You can calmly continue singing in the shower ― without the risk of being burned or getting a cold shock. The mixers that the team developed also have a 38°C safety stop button, so there's no risk of you or any child accidentally raising the temperature.

Shower testing in swimwear

Another important key to creating both a comfortable and sustainable shower range is the small washer that sits in the shower arm which regulates the water flow. The challenge for the team was to find just the right balance between the water flow and pressure, so that you can use less water without affecting the shower experience. There was only one way for the team to see if they succeeded: "When we went to the supplier in China to test the first prototypes, we all packed our swimwear," says Antony smiling. With his swimwear on, he tested different water spray functions: full, mesh, mist, massage and various combinations of them. "How people prefer to shower is individual, and with the different streams, we allow everyone to adapt their shower experience. And maybe you'll enjoy showering a little more when you know that it's both water and energy efficient."
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Designer thoughts

Each of our head/hand showers has a small pressure compensating washer (PCW) that reduces water flow while maintaining the pressure. It’s a small part of our bigger effort to conserve water. We’re committed to being water positive by 2020, that is, conserving more clean water than we use. And every water-saving action adds up.

A shower just the way you like it

Our shower heads and handheld showers provide individual comfort with the option to choose between 1, 3 or 5 spray functions. Choose FULL for a wide and even coverage; MESH to boost the force; MASSAGE to vary the flow; or MIST to de-stress with fine, gentle droplets. You can also choose combinations like FULL/MIST, FULL/MESH or FULL/MASSAGE. All shower faucets have a pressure compensating function that reduces water use and gives you an even flow – even when the water pressure changes.

Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated

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VOXNAN Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated