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VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor

VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor

Price $ 15.99
USB-C cable and USB power adapter are sold separately.

How to get it

Do you want to know more about the air you breath in your home? Check the air quality based on particles (PM2.5) with this stylish and easy-to-use sensor – perfect to combine with FÖRNUFTIG air purifier.

Article Number605.159.11

Product details

This sensor checks the air quality by detecting particles (PM2.5) in your home.

Use your own power cord and adapter to easily turn on and use the sensor. You just need to connect it to a USB-C cable and wait a few seconds.

A light indicates three levels of air quality – green (good), yellow (ok), and red (not good).

Recommended to combine with FÖRNUFTIG air purifier. When the air quality is not good in your home, turn on FÖRNUFTIG air purifier to enjoy a good level of indoor air quality.

Place it in the living room, bedroom, or other rooms where you spend a lot of time. With its small size, you can easily move it from room to room so you can rest assured that the air quality is good.

Works just as well in small and large rooms, since the air quality is usually similar throughout a room.


David Wahl


Width: 2 "

Depth: 2 "

Height: 3 ½ "


Super cute…KristiSmaller than I thought it would be. Seems to do it’s job.4
NiceCvNot sure yet4
Works as Mini Particulate Matter AnalyzerEarlI gave this to my nerd friend who does air quality studies. He loved it! He is now researching how this little device works and is fascinated by the gizmo.5
Seems to work as designedVickiGot this for basic air quality monitoring esp in basement apartment. The box did indicate that it needed a cable/plug -- it is the same one that my phone uses, so I didn't have to buy anything (it's a USB-C cable and block plug for USB -- Dollar Tree carries these so it's about $2.50 if the Ikea plug is a deal-breaker). I already had an air purifier, so I'm not reviewing the Ikea one. Just the monitor. Took me about 15 seconds to plug in and have running. (I'm in my mid 60s, if that helps for context.)5
This is the coolestJaymeI bought this to place next to my natural gas stove and oven. Wow! This works so well. It even responds to when I burn candles. I feel safer with it in the house and it takes up little room. This is such a great product and I never would have presumed to pick it up at IKEA5
Not a good stand aloneRaihanNot a good stand alone product1
Nice ProductJohnDespite the fact that it doesn't come with the power cord, I found this is a good value that works. I was suspicious of the air quality in my home and this little device confirmed it. I'm sure it could be more official in some way, but it will give you a basic idea of air quality. I found problem areas in my old home that I had long suspected, but now I know the trouble spots. Good for Ikea!4
Way too loudTroyCool idea, the fan makes way too much noise to have on in a quiet room. :-(1
NiceCvNot sure yet4
Works goodDomingoWorks good5
Easy way to monitor indoor air qualityTobiasA simple, elegant device to allow simple monitoring of indoor air quality. Easy to use, but does require a separate power cable.5
Works perfectEduardoIt’s a good thing for home , you can check the air quality and works perfect.5
Not a IKEA Smart home productMarcusDoes not connect with IKEA smart home hub. Seems to be a standalone product, that only shift the color of light depending on the air quality. It still a simple product that does what it says. Do wish it was possible to connect to the hub for notifications of the air quality3
Power cord not included.SherryMY 75year old mom did not understand the cord is separate. Which is a pretty crappy thing to do. IKEA has gotten so cheap about things like this. It doesn't work without an item you have to pay extra for, so it's not $11.99! I'm frustrated that I now have to return to an Ikea to either buy a power cord for A GIFT I received or return it. Since Ikea is not convenient to drive to or walk through, I might as well return it when I get there. Sell electrical items in a functional condition, and don't try to fleece elderly people by making the item look cheaper than it is.1
Affordable and accurateBaiI have quite severe allergies. I don't know whether it is caused by allergens outside or inside. Sometimes if they didn’t open curtain or my cats stay in my bedroom for too long it will turn yellow or red - that’s when I know I need the air purifier to start working.5
Super cute…KristiSmaller than I thought it would be. Seems to do it’s job.4