VARIERA Plate holder, bamboo, 8 1/4-12 1/4 "
VARIERA Plate holder, bamboo, 8 1/4-12 1/4 "

Protects your tableware from bumps and broken edges so they stay beautiful for years to come. If you are setting the table for a big feast, you can easily carry all the plates to the table in the holder.

Article Number303.846.95

Product details

Keeps plates from sliding around when you open and close drawers, protecting them from bumps and broken edges.Easy to carry to where you need it thanks to the handles.Can be placed in a drawer or on a shelf.The bamboo adds a warm touch to your kitchen.Size-adjustable to fit your plates.Designer

Nike Karlsson

  • Bar:Stainless steel
    Bottom panel:Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • VARIERAPlate holderArticle Number:303.846.95
    Length: 6 "Weight: 1 lb 4 ozDiameter: 9 ¾ "Package(s): 1

Product size

Min. width: 
8 "
Max. width: 
12 "
6 "


Holds my plates in theCarolHolds my plates in the drawers exactly as expected!5
Makes my Pantry look moreTeenaMakes my Pantry look more organised5
easy to assembleRENATEeasy to assemble5
Exactly what I was lookingMayExactly what I was looking for.5
ModernLeawoodAfter our kitchen remodel these work great in the drawer. Our plates stay right where I want.5
Buy it!AnnealsI have both plates and bowls holders. They work great in a drawer set up and displays well when there are guests. They are often out of stock so make sure you buy enough or you will regret it.5
Uber OrganizationAmeliagirlThese plate holders keep our kitchen drawers very neat; great space keepers. My sister loves them too.5
Libby07I love these plate holders. I use mine in drawers. They stay in place and are readily accessible5
Great for plates in drawersMojave TumbleweedI store my dinnerware in drawers. The plates used to slide around when I pulled out the drawers. These stackers keep them from sliding. They adjust for use with small or large plates. You don't really need them for bowls if your bowls nest well. Great design!5
Tips Around & Doesn"t Lie FlatshuyahfishThis rack is designed in such a way that it's impossible for it to sit flat & level so when it doesn't have weight on it, it is particularly tilted. Even when it does have plates on it, it still will have 3 legs resting on a surface & one up making it wobbly3

Function solution

Pull open, lift up and put on the table!

Have you tried stacking plates in a drawer? With RATIONELL VARIERA plate holder it works great. There are two sizes, both adjustable to take different types of plate. Just open the drawer, lift out the plate holder and transfer it directly to the table.

Plate holder, bamboo8 1/4-12 1/4 "

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VARIERA Plate holder, bamboo, 8 1/4-12 1/4 "