TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "
Article Number603.486.20

Product details

A surprising and playful decoration that will be a unique eyecatcher in your home.
  • Main parts:Glass
    Other parts:Glass, Tinted lacquer
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • TILLSYNDecorative hourglassArticle Number:603.486.20
    Width: 2 ¾ "Height: 2 ½ "Length: 6 ¼ "Weight: 10 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

6 ¼ "


Very nice!Maria A.Very nice!5
TillsynBARBARAGreat gift5
Nice HourglassJennyA great hourglass to look at and god for my decor.5
Looks great! Just wish itKisaLooks great! Just wish it was an actual hourglass (or even 30 minutes)4
who knew?Sharona great nick-knack5
love, love, love!!!!!Susanlove, love, love!!!!!5
Perfect size, great accent pieceamyPerfect size, great accent piece5
Pretty trinketMaribethSaw a Lady in the check out with this item and it was beautiful had to have one.5
Nice piece for desk.SherelleNice piece for desk.5
A timeless piece for every homeKimycoxNo matter your age....everyone loves an hourglass. I just wish it was a bit larger with more time to it. Love the gold beads.5
Love to watchLaydiEveryone loves playing with my hour glass. It's so cool and surprisingly soothing and satisfying.5
teaching aidla DeeI bought this a couple of weeks ago to teach my granddaughter what 'give me two minutes'. It might be my mistake.4
Very elegantArmor2646I bought the gold sand hourglass because it looked elegant and simple. My boss really liked it. It is a bit high in price for it being small. Although it is decorative, it would be nice to know how many minutes the hourglass counts.4
Looks nice, but don"t count on it to time anythingnobodyinparticularI know it's only listed as a decorative object, but everyone expects hourglasses to function as timers, and they *should* function as timers. I timed one in the store and it was a two-minute timer, but it had a smudge on it, so we grabbed another one to buy. I ran into a woman before we left who asked about it, including how long it runs for, and I told her, Two minutes. I hope she doesn't rely on that alone, because when we got home I found that the one we bought ran out much more quickly than the one in the store. I timed that one -- one minute, fifteen seconds. Forty-five seconds slower than the other! That's just ridiculous. Again, it's true that it doesn't promise to run out in a specific amount of time, but people naturally expect it to, and expect to be able to use such objects. This did not meet those expectations. It's cute, but that's it.4
punkymel15Super cute! Glad I bought it.5
Like sands through the hourglass...Joy_Love the design, it is a peice of art.5
Looks coolKacoffmanLooks good in my office space5
Clever and ResonableTedJanNovelty, Beads work better than sand5
Great Tool and Fashionable!Happy CounselorI use this item in my office in my cool down corner for my middle school kids to collect themselves. I love the gold because it’s jiwt a bit different!5
1219ka1 minute and 50 seconds. Random.1

Decorative hourglass, clear glass6 ¼ "

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TILLSYN Decorative hourglass, clear glass, 6 ¼ "