TALRIKA Mug, light red, 8 oz

$8.99/4 pack

For everyday meals at home to picnics in the park – TALRIKA is a colorful and durable tableware series. Made of the innovative, renewable plastic PLA, a more sustainable option than oil-based plastics. Read More
Sometimes it’s good to have extra durable tableware that can take rough treatment. That’s why we have developed TALRIKA and HEROISK – two tableware series designed for everyday meals and picnics in the park. They’re made of renewable plastic from corn which is a more sustainable option than plastic from sources like fossil oil.
Just like all IKEA products, TALRIKA and HEROISK have been tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards. “We use materials and production methods that need a minimum amount of chemicals. Ideally none at all,” says Erik Ljungblad, who works at IKEA of Sweden and is an expert on plastic.

A more sustainable life for more people

“To make TALRIKA and HEROISK we’re using industrial corn that has a high amount of starch and is grown in areas where it doesn’t risk threatening the local food supply. We extract the starch, and the husks become food for livestock. This way, the whole corn comes to use,” explains Erik. “We want to make it simple and affordable for customers to live a more sustainable life at home. To use this type of material in everyday products like this, is one way of doing it,” he says.

A goal for the future

The TALRIKA and HEROISK series contribute to one important goal for IKEA – that all plastic products in the future are based on renewable or recycled materials – or both. “These products are small but important steps on our journey. They are made of corn today, but in the future it might be a different renewable source. The development of renewable plastic is fast, and other products based on more sustainable materials are on the way,” says Erik.