SYLT BLÅBÄRBlueberry jam, organic

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Start the day with some blueberry jam on toast, add a spoonful to yogurt mixed with muesli or cereal or simply enjoy it in the evening with a pancake and whipped cream dessert.

Article Number703.086.28

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Start the day with some blueberry jam on toast, add a spoonful to yogurt mixed with muesli or cereal or simply enjoy it in the evening with a pancake and whipped cream dessert.

Blueberries that grow wild in Swedish spruce forests are filled with tasty flavors. In Sweden, it’s a tradition to mix them with sweet raspberries and make jam from the berries.

Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and the planet.

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Article Number703.086.28


    Net weight: 15 oz

      Blueberry jamArticle Number703.086.28

      Length: 4 ½ "

      Weight: 1 lb 6 oz

      Diameter: 3 "

      Package(s): 1


    Delicious!ERINBought this assuming it was generic american blueberry, but no. it's a slightly different species and it's even more delicious than a normal blueberry jam!5
    Real blueberriesKarenMy so loves these as they have a true blueberry flavor and preserves.5
    BlueberyDavidFilled with an explosion of Blueberries and great taste.5
    Cloyingly SweetpaperarmadillosWe love the other flavors of jam, but the blåbar is just horrible. It's cloyingly sweet and the blueberries have an odd texture like they're only partially reconstituted after being dried. Not a fan overall.1
    Very tasty jam!LeenerThe jam is very tasty! I like the tiny blueberries rather than having them too large. It is a little thick and you have to work to spread it on toast. Good thing the blueberries are tiny. I would give it a 5-star rating if the jelly portion was a bit more fluid which would make it a little easier to spread. Otherwise, good tasting and a value for the money!4
    DeliciousSOTogaI lived in Sweden and would make blåbärsylt with the wild blueberries growing everywhere. This brings back memories for me. It is delicious and I especially love it on plain yogurt.5
    JamVic42I bought another flavor earlier and loved it, so trying another.5
    Delicious flavor!JD20My grandkids saw this and really wanted to try it. So glad that we did!5
    A Little Too SweetG MomWould have liked more of a fruit flavor. A little too sweet.3
    Blueberry Jam from Sweden is somewhat extravagant!ADM20Tastes great with peanut butter. A bit pricey, but good quality.5
    Yumi!Vkb82I am a jam lover, and this one is amongst my favorites now.5
    Best jamBurfI absolutely love this jam!!5
    DeliciousImaswedeReally good product at a great price. It is so good!5
    wonderful taste!murlyshaSYLT BLÅBÄR Blueberry jam has wonderful natural taste. The berries are not overcooked and I can feel that berry burst in each spoon. It is not over sweetened, the sugar amount is just right, like home made jam. The ingredients are simple and organic. My family loves SYLT BLÅBÄR Blueberry jam.5
    DeliciousJanetdysBought this for some Christmas cookies. Beautiful and delicious. Would buy again.5
    MmmmmCaveWomanGood stuff . Good stuff. Good stuff!!!!!5
    Lots of blueberriesjrbeatonThis is the second jar we have purchased. The blueberry jam is excellent in yogurt and on pancakes.5
    Delicious!LinzTThis is so delicious. Strong blueberry flavor with real organic blueberries you can see. Great on anythingn5
    Gary1234Its great! Good with toast or breads5
    Tyra82I like this sylt blåbär. I have been buying it for years here in the US and in Sweden5