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SPARKA Soft toy, soccer ball/green

Price $ 4.99

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Playing with balls is fun and something the whole family can enjoy together. With a soft ball, a football game can be played anywhere indoors – regardless of season and weather.

Article Number303.026.47

Product details

Soccer or something else that’s fun? This soft and light ball is perfect when your child wants to play indoors.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Only for indoor use.

  • Material
    100 % polyester
    100% polyester - hollow fiber

    Machine wash, warm, durable-press cycle.

    Do not bleach.

    Tumble dry, low, normal cycle.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.

  • Recommended for all ages.


Diameter: 7 ¾ "

  • SPARKAArticle Number303.026.47

    Length: 8 ¼ "

    Weight: 6 oz

    Diameter: 8 ¼ "

    Package(s): 1


Appealing ballveera s.Good for indoor playing5
Sparka soft soccer ballROBERTAGreat for kids in the house! Don't have to worry with this one. Bought one for my grandkids and had to get another for my nephew! They have more fun with this5
Ball for a BabyCANDYThe simple toy has stood up to a nearly two year old energized girl.4
Great Indoor Toy!! Great Value!!JillWe purchased one of these soft toy soccer balls years ago when our kiddos were very small. It quickly became a favorite toy in our house. Our kids love it because it's fun and I love it because it's safe inside!! Our older son recently had a few friends over to celebrate his 10th birthday. He's now a big soccer buff, so he decided that was the theme of the day. We quickly agreed to buy one of these for each of his friends (& two new ones for he & his brother). The price couldn't be beat and it's SO MUCH better than cheesy throw away toys that are in most goodie bags. Kids & Parents alike were quite pleased!!5
Miji23My dogs loved the ball. It was a good buy!5
FlaxuNice. Goof for babyes or kids.4
Favorite Dog ToyBanditsgrandmaWe buy 3 of these balls every time we are visiting my daughter in the Portland area. Her dog loves to have these in his mouth. It's like he's a baby again. They are easily washable too.5
MTeam5My son loves this ball. It’s ok to have it in the house!5
Nice plush ball for kidsAnupGood quality. My son loves it4
My Dog's Favorite ToywaltersmomI bought this in the past for my dog, Walter. He loved it so much! After many months of love, it was destroyed. I bought another one and the same thing happened. On my most recent IKEA trip, I bought 8 of them. Walter is happy beyond barks! Best $24 I've ever spent!5
Quiet indoor ballVista viewerBought this so the grandsons could play ball INDOORS in the winter months. They are perfect as nothing gets toppled over, no one gets hurt and they are super quiet! They enjoy throwing the ball at each other even outside. Of course everyone needs their own ball so buy plenty.5
Fun toy!Keimtime6I have to buy another because the dog had to much fun.5
Perfect for indoor gamesdombabcia923Great for kicking around INSIDE Grandma's house when the weather doesn't favor outdoor play.5
soccer playalex4552i've fun with it its so cool5
For my dog!Dejesus01I had bought this toy for my son. But one day my german shepherd took it! Of all the dog toys he has, this is the only one he uses. He even uses it as a pillow! So, here I am buying 3 more!5
Kids plush toyDebbill99My son loves it! He says it is soft and likes cuddling with it.5
last a long timecoolypooleyOur Schnauzers love these soft balls. They can be washed and dried also. buy them in bulk of 6 at a time.5
Great qualityPetricevicI’m shocked I only paid $3 my son loves balls and he had to have this. Of course we didn’t leave without it. He loves it and so do I. Great size and quality. Very happy with this purchase.5
Not the usual useTriciaDOur elementary age son loves to play soccer and with the temperature dropping he can still work on his skills with this ball. He uses it daily to work on skills indoor and because it is so light and soft I don't have to worry about anything getting broken in our home! Win-win!5
SPARKA Soft toy, soccer ball/green

Pep for more movement

At Children’s IKEA, we want to inspire to an active everyday – with more room for jumping, running, fun and games. Because the fact is, studies show that physical activity both plays a big role in children’s well-being and is an investment in the future.

Maria Ekblom, Associate Professor at Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences, researches how physical activity affects children. “We know for sure that the right amount of movement has a positive effect on children’s physical condition, muscle strength, cardiovascular health as well as blood pressure and blood sugar.”

The whole body likes to move

“Studies have shown that movement enhances the mental well-being and is positive for certain cognitive functions. Furthermore, the amount of physical activity we get as children also affects our habits and health later in life. So, what is the right amount of movement? The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children between ages 5 and 17 should do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. In addition, a couple of times a week, it’s good to do more high-intensity training that increases the heart rate for a longer period of time.

Find the pulse in the everyday life

Maria has tips on how to find the time and energy for regular exercise in everyday life. “If it’s possible, walking or riding a bike to and from school is a great opportunity for everyday exercise. Just like meeting friends and playing outside in a safe environment.” Younger children often have a natural appetite for physical activity, but they might need some encouragement to get going when they get older, says Maria. “I think it’s important to give children the opportunity to do sports or other activities that are age-appropriate and match their interests. Then, if they really like what they’re doing, it’s easier to make it a good habit that lasts.”


Sure, they’re cute but are they safe? Absolutely!

You can rest assured knowing that all our children’s products live up to the highest health and safety standards. We put our toys to the test – up against the toughest in the world (much tougher than any two-year-old). All so you can worry less and they can play more.

Function solution

Soft toys to hug, again and again

We know our soft toys should handle many years of love. That’s why we’ve chosen comfy materials, embroidered eyes, performed rigorous washing tests – and ensured that we test them for harmful chemicals. Simple to keep clean and fresh since they can be machined washed.