SAMLA Lid for box, 12/17 gallon, clear
SAMLA Lid for box, 12/17 gallon, clear
SAMLA Lid for box, 12/17 gallon, clear

This lid fits SAMLA 12 and 17 gallon storage boxes, and can be fastened with detachable clip locks, sold separately. SAMLA series includes durable, transparent storage in different sizes.

Article Number701.103.02

Product details

The lid protects the contents and makes the box stackable.WARNING! When the lid is on, the box is airtight. Therefore, do not let young children play with the box.Recommended for indoor use only.Designer

Mia Lagerman

  • Polypropylene
    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • SAMLALid for box, 12/17 gallonArticle Number:701.103.02
    Width: 15 ½ "Height: ¾ "Length: 22 ½ "Weight: 1 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

22 ½ "
15 ¼ "


Pricey for just a lidBERTHAI needed a specific size bin to fit under a bed and the much cheaper version at Walmart was sold out. The bin was expensive and then I had to also pay for the lid. When I got it home and filled it, the lid doesn't even secure well at all. For the price, if they had it in the size I needed, I could have gotten bins with locking tabs. I buy a lot of household goods from Ikea and this is the first time I've been disappointed. Hopefully, this is the only time.2
Very good storage lidMarshaVery good storage lid5
Make sure the Samla lidJocelynMake sure the Samla lid fits snugly with the Samla container that you are buying.5
Storage SolutionVaLeesaPerfect for those who want a uniform storage system.5
I already has 2 ofSHARONI already has 2 of the containers and liked them so much I decided to buy 2 more5
SUPERMarieLove that the lid fits all size SAMLA bins.5
Great for stockpilersMarkThey don't have locking top. It's OK. I store everything in categories. Light bulbs. Batteries. Chopping tools. Electrical. Gardening. Drills. Straps. Tape. Bread box. Crackers. Chips. Medical stuff. ETC. I take things out of original box. You have to show care with them because they CAN crack. I've seen them cracked in the store. Works great with Kallax. Where is the tape? Ummm. It's in the tape box. LOL! They work great together. You can stack different sizes.5
This is a Must Buy item!Steven W.Works well for all storage needs. I use them in garage and basement. Bonus is I can see what is in each container. Great Value!5
Not tight fitting, but I knew that before I boughtMrsJMCI would have preferred tight fitting lids, which these are not, but I still decided to buy.4
Does not snap/lock onLisaMarie55I was excited to find a clear bin to store away winter clothes on a high shelf in my closet. I'm super disappointed with this because the lid doesn't snap in place. This means I have to tape this box shut unless I want the lid to fall on my face every time I try to put the box up or take it down...(so inconvenient and completely defeated the purpose of buying this).1
Silly millyLove when I I have a lot of people I use it as a serving tray I bought it for a gift for all my married kids. And it’s reasonable priced5
Great box & economicalJim1963I've been using Ikea's boxes for years. The lids rest on the box top; but, they are sufficient for indoor storage. I've read some complaining that the lids don't snap in place; but, I like the fact that the lids are not sealed too tight. I've used the Container Stores' storage boxes which have a sealing type lid and I've seen condensation inside the box. Because I live in Florida where my garage can get to 100 degrees during the day and then cool down to the 70's at night, I need a box lid that allows for some air exchange while still keeping out the elements. These boxes nest when not in use and stack when the lid is on. They're clear so you can always see what's inside no matter whether you're looking at the box straight on of thru the lid. It's a great product. I've looked at them all - there's nothing else like it. You will not be dissappointed. If you're going to put the box in the back of your pick up truck, you will need to tape the lid down onto the box or it will fly off. If the sprinkler system comes on in your garage, you will not have to worry about the boxes' contents - the lid shaped to keep vertical and horizontal rain out of the box.5
Lid did not fit very welljat28This lid for the storage bin did not fit very well.3
Katy108Lids just lie on crate. There is not a locking ridge3
Great Price!Gail CThis lid was very inexpensive. I bought the box and the lid at the same time.5
Container LidsHedgehog1The storage containers are a nice size and price, but the lids do not click to stay on the container at all. They mostly just rest on top of the container to keep out dust.1
Lids do not snap on containerMary Ann CHorrible lids for storage containers. Doesn’t snap close. Bad product1
Lids don"t stay onRon SwansonThe lids don't stay on without the now-discontinued plastic clips. Since storage boxes stack with like boxes, I keep buying these to keep stacking efficiently, but the lids drop off every time you move or tip the boxes. Would not purchase if I had to do again.2
Unhappy 9I am not happy Ikea charges for lids on boxes.4

Lid for box, 12/17 gallon, clear

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SAMLA Lid for box, 12/17 gallon, clear