RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen, globe opal


High quality does not always mean high prices. By choosing really high-quality components for RYET LED light bulb, we could exclude other parts and thereby lower the price for you. Read More
Higher quality lowered the price
We want all our customers to be able to live in a more energy efficient way. That's why we decided to develop a LED bulb of high quality which could only cost 1 €. It was a tough task for the development team who struggled with every last detail until they were close to giving up. But then they discovered an unexpected solution...
To help reduce energy consumption, IKEA took a decision in 2012 to only sell energy efficient LED lighting. A LED bulb uses approximately 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also last 20 times longer. Fewer bulbs are manufactured, meaning less waste when they break.

Low price without compromises

We wanted to lower the price without compromising on quality or durability. It was actually our founder Ingvar Kamprad who set the price tag: $1. Paulina Pajak, a product developer in the lighting department, recalls the RYET project. ”We looked at everything, from parts to design and production, to see how we could streamline and keep costs down without affecting the quality. It went well but we couldn't get under $1.50. It actually felt quite impossible”.

An unexpected solution

The team look at the details again. New meetings and tests with suppliers were booked in. This led to an unexpected realization. ”By selecting parts of a higher quality for the LED part, we could get rid of certain parts in the bulb's power supply, and thereby end up with a lower total cost”, says Paulina, who’s still amazed that more expensive parts actually resulted in a lower total cost. And yes, the team reached the goal of $1. ”We managed in the end since all of those involved saw the great value in making good and energy-efficient lighting available to more people”, explains Paulina. ”Compromising on quality just to lower the price never crossed our minds”.